Friday, June 16, 2006

Weird Yet Happy Days

I had a pretty weird 2 days. Yesterday and today.

Let's start with yesterday first. In the morning I went to buy 18 cupcakes for Kai Kai's classmates because tomorrow is his real birthday but since Friday he doesn't have to go to school, we have to celebrate it on Thursday. By teacher's request, Kai Kai was suppose to bring his childhood photos so he can makes a timeline presentation to his friends but like usual, Kai Kai forgot to bring the photos so I have to go home and pick them up and return back to school. When I got out from the car ( I park under big trees ), I saw a bald eagle flying low coming toward me! I was so surprise that I just stand there and stare! He flew just above my head and perch on the tree's branch on top of my head! Wow!!! He looks so majestic!! No wonder America using them as their country symbol. This is amazing that I live in the middle of city yet I can still see this gorgeous wild animal! Actually this was not the only time. I have seen him before but this is the closest encounter that I have.

On that day, around my neighborhood we were scheduled to have power outage. I guess for maintenance purposes they shut down the power from until 5 in the afternoon. Because I could not do anything at home anyway, no TV, no laundry machine, no vacuum, no oven, so I decide to go out and do grocery and shop a little.

When I return home, I couldn't even park my car in the garage so I just park it outside the garage. Then while I carry LaLa's carseat I went to open my back door to my kitchen. Over there I saw a squirrel just standing still outside my door, begging for food! I have seen it before but again, he or she never try to get close to me until now. He is so cute! He is not scared at all. He just stand so close. So I went inside the house, I left the door open and I find some peanuts. I gave them to him and he ate it right away. Then he become more bold, he enter my kitchen and ate the peanuts on my rug. Then he get closer and closer. So cute! Then I grab my camera and took some pictures of him and even have enough time to make this video clip.

In that video clip, he is so confuse when he heard La La voice. He kept checking her out in another video clip that I did not upload it here.

At the end I got tired of playing with him so I just close the door when he went outside. But before I close the door, I left few nuts outside for him.

Later that day, while I was talking to my parents over the phone. La La roll on her tummy for the first time at exactly 8 PM on the dot. Since then she never stop rolling all over the floor. She was so happy!

The next morning is Kai Kai's birthday. He is 6 now and he is so proud of it. I took him to the mall and let him choose his own birthday clothes. He even pick an outfit including shoes for La La so she will look nice on his birthday party. He pick a pink shoes, so sweet. While he pick blue shirt for himself.

Since today is his special day, I let him do what ever he wants ( within limits off course ). I let him play a long time in the playground. I let him eat as much ice cream as he wants. I let him choose the clothes. I let him play at home anyway he likes. Don't want to take a nap? Fine.

But in the afternoon, it's time to get serious because today is the marking day for his swimming class. Richard has been coaching him for a week to make sure that he can pass and go up to the next level. We were really worried that he will fail again because he took this class before and he failed. In fact his whole classmates failed. It makes you wonder what kind of a teacher he had. His teacher last time , a guy, only showed up 2 times out of 8 classes. The other 6 classes always has different teacher. So the students got confused at their different teaching methods. Now whose fault is that if the whole class flunked? Anyway, the good news is, Kai Kai pass this time because 2 reasons. One, Richard coached him really well, for 7 days, he took Kai Kai swimming after he came home from work for 2 hrs. Second, the teacher is always the same one and she is much better than the previous teacher.

After swimming class, we went to the mall to buy Kai Kai's birthday toy. He wants a Transformer Robot. He really likes the biggest one and the biggest one is off course the most expensive one ( it's $79 ), but this morning, he asked me if I would rather have him buy the smallest one so that I don't have to pay that much. The smallest one was only $ 9. Oh , how sweet, it makes me want to spend more money on him, hahaha. Anyway, I told him it's okay, he can have the biggest one. I know that actually he wish he can have 2 Transformer. One is $79, the other Optimus Prime is $69, but he doesn't dare to ask. Unknown to him, my mom call and ask me to buy a gift for Kai Kai from her and my dad. I bought Kai Kai that Optimus Prime, then I wrapped it nicely and told Kai Kai that grandma and grandpa buy it for him so now he has both Transformers. He is deliriously happy right now downstairs while I am typing this story. Oh, the $ 79 one is called Starscream.

Pic: Playing together with his daddy.

Pic: One very happy boy with his Transformer!

Kai Kai also got a free haircut today at the mall while we buy the Transformer. We have been going to the same children salon for the past 4 years and for every 6 hair cuts, we get one for free. Today we got the free haircut. Not only Kai Kai can pass his swimming class, he also get a free haircut too, what a lucky day for him so to celebrate it, I bought a lottery ticket, hahaha....I am gonna win...I am gonna win...

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