Friday, June 23, 2006

Farewell Richmond Montessori Children House

This is my tribute to Kai Kai's school and the teachers in there...

3 years ago, I was out searching for the perfect school for Kai Kai. I want a school that has a heart. That is warm and loving. I went to look for several private school and montessori schools. From big to small. From the one that is at the church basement, mall, until the one that has it's own big building. But only one that filled exactly to the dots to the requirements that I want and that school is Richmond Montessori Children House.

This is a small school that is located at the end of the road, tuck in between natural walking trail and a working farm. Absolutely quiet and peaceful with lots of fresh air, bunnies running around, hummingbirds buzzing around, horse walking nearby, and even bald eagle!

The heart of this school is the principal and the owner too, Miss Linda. Before becoming a teacher, she used to be a missionaries in South America. A seasoned teacher maybe with 40 years of experience if not more. A very loving, graceful, gentle, and sensitive person. An artist too who love music, dancing, singing and yoga. She is truly the epitome of a true kindergarten teacher.

Not only that she is a great teacher, she takes it one step further by caring for the children's parents as well. She makes who ever send their children to her school become part of her extended family. She never forgets any little things that I said to her about my family. She worries about me when I was hospitalized when I gave birth to La La. I can always talk to her in the school or call her at home to talk about anything. She makes you feel so welcome. And she is a genuine person.

Her kindness also extended to the teachers in training who do their practicum in her school. They always spoke so highly of her on how she inspired them to be a better teacher and a better person. To be more like her.

So yes. I am sad, very sad that now it's time to take Kai Kai out from this perfect school because this school doesn't have a primary school for once and second, we are going to move to Indonesia very soon where Kai Kai will start his first grade there.

Pic: Miss Briggite, Kai Kai's morning teacher, Miss Linda is his Afternoon teacher. She is leaving the school to teach on different school that nearer to her house next term.

Beside Miss Linda, Miss Brigitte, there are Mr. Mark, and Miss Carrie. And off course several teacher assistances who work there so they can have enough hours to apply for their teacher's license.

So here are the rest of Kai Kai's friends photos from school. We said goodbyes to all of them ...

Pic: Saying their grace before eating lunch together.

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