Monday, May 01, 2006

Tulip Festival 2006

After waiting and waiting, I am finally able to go to Tulip Festival 2006 at Skagit Valley. I was planning to go on Saturday but the weather was really bad. So we can only go today which is the last day of the Tulip Festival that lasted from April 1 till April 30. Skagit Valley is located about 1.5 hrs from Vancouver.

I especially insist on bringing La La with us because I really want her to see how glorious the tulip field is. Is just row upon row of gorgeous colorful tulips! But since we go at the last day, most of the tulips has been cut down, but not to worry, there are still plenty there for us to see.

Passing the border this time is really a breeze, not like the last time. I was a bit worry at first because in the middle of the trip the weather started to turn a bit nasty, but when we reach there, it turn nicer. When you go to see tulips you better ready to walk in a muddy ground so if you take your children with you, keep on warning them not to jump over the puddle, or running around because they might slip and ended up with a very very muddy bottom! Every time I went there I always see children with very muddy pants because they fell. Even Kai Kai after hearing my warning again and again still manage to fell down too, luckily on a dry ground so just a dusty bottom this time.

La La was great too, she watched the flowers with interest but soon she started to get sleepy. We had a great time there, just like last year. It's hard not too when you are surrounded with such beautiful flowers!

From there, we went to Premium Outlet Mall. Found a great deal at Le Creuset store, my favorite store for pots and pans.

I love this outlet stores because they have many kitchen stores there and Richard let me go crazy there ... I also found 4 recipe books that interest me, one is Japanese, one is Indian ( despite my husband protest ), one is Thailand, and last one is all about ice cream and frozen dessert. Yummy!

I just love to go to a Kitchen Stores, I feel like entering a magic kingdom where I will always find a treasure or two. Same thing with book stores....hahaha...

While I went in and out of those stores, Richard stays outside playing with Kai Kai and La La or some times he went inside too because he is also interested with cooking stuff. We are both love to cook! Now you know why he let me go crazy in those stores.... in a way, I buy those things for both of us! He knows that I know more so he let me be the buyer for him. Plus he knows that buying those stuff put me in ecstasy!

Is nice isn't it when your husband and you have the same interest and he understand that woman NEED to shop to be happy... :)

Well...that's about it then... so now you can enjoy the photos!

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