Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Bye Salmon Fry

Gorgeous...Gorgeous day today! It's a great time to get out and play! And Stanley Park is THE place for outdoor activities. I planned to come to Stanley park since 2 weeks ago when I receive a member only email from Vancouver Aquarium. It says that on May 13-14 and then May 27-28 ( I think but I may be wrong ) they are going to have a special program called "Good Bye Salmon Fry ".What it means is everybody can join them in releasing baby salmons into the river. I thought what a marvelous idea for Kai Kai to participate in this program!

First, they took us for an educational tour. They explain to us all about how salmon grow from tiny eggs until adult and then from 250,000 of eggs, there will be only 2 left that will able to come back to lay eggs for the next generations, that's why it is so important for all of use to help protect the natural habitat and the environment of Salmon.

Then they show us how many rivers left that Salmon still able to use to lay their eggs. The rest of the rivers has become too polluted or dried up.

Last, they gave us certificates where we can write names for our salmons. Kai Kai named his salmon with his own name, I name mine Gabriella, I forgot what Richard name his.

Then we walk to the nearby streams and release our salmons. Well, we let Kai Kai release all of our salmons. While we were so happy to see how fast our salmon swim away, then we saw there was a big bird that waiting to eat the salmon babies !!! In fact we saw him right there and then, he just gobble one up! Oh... how sad!!! Natures is so mean!!!

Then we went inside the aquarium. I tried to show La La all the beautiful fishes. She did saw few of them but soon she fell asleep.

On the other hand, Kai Kai has a really great time. For lunch we just ate what ever they sell in their cafeteria. I ordered curry lamb, Richard ordered egg sandwich and a corndog, and Kai Kai ordered kids meal ( hamburger and fries ), when I read the receipt, it says Kraby Patty, hahaha... that's what SpongeBob SquarePants favorite food! That sure made Kai Kai so happy since he loooves SpongeBob SquarePants. If he can help it, he won't miss any episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

There was a time when we were there that Kai Kai was able to touch a Madagascar Cockroach

After a while Kai Kai started to get antsy because he wants to go out from the Aquarium to ride his bike. Then, we found out that there is another big activity outside the aquarium. I am not sure on what to call the event. Richard told me that this event was sponsored by Taiwanese Buddhist Association. I think it is about religious tolerance and peace.

We saw a tent that offer free tea and snacks, so we stop to sit there and enjoy the teas. Richard even met one lady that he knows from work, she volunteer there to serve people their tea. There was another lady there also that play Chinese harp to entertain everybody. She plays so beautifully.

After we quenched our thirst, we walk around to see what else is going on. Over there, they have a big stage and at that time they are having a Irish Dance show. Since one time we went to see the River Dance Show, we both fell in love with tap dancing. In fact, Richard loves it so much that he sent Kai Kai to learn tap dancing last year! It was so painful to watch all the boys fell all over the floor when ever the instructor taught them new steps while the girls are doing so great! On this show though, there is only one little boy, he is not even an Irish, he is a Vietnamese, but he is the North America champion! Wow... he does have a light feet!

After that Kai Kai was busy running around playing with the balloons and go back riding his bike.

Oh... how I love spring time... when the trees are heavy with flowers, even the grass is blooming with tiny flowers. It feels like walking on a sea of flowers some times.

I forgot to mention earlier, on the way to the Stanley Park, we were not the only one with the great idea of spending some time outdoor. On Davie Street, I saw a man took his pet to walk around on the street. What so special about that? Well... his pet was a big boa constrictor that wrap around his neck! Unfortunately I was not ready with my camera at that time.

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