Friday, May 12, 2006

My Mother's Day Gifts

Kai Kai's school this year is having a special Mother's Day tea party for all mothers. This is the first time that I am going to be invited for a tea party at school. Usually on Mother's day, I only receive a gift made by Kai Kai from school.

I am pretty excited to see the party today!

When I arrived, each student will directly lead their mom to sit on a chair. There are several tables and there are several chairs on each table. The table was covered by table clothes and in the middle they decorate it with a vase filled with beautiful flowers from the school's garden.

Then first the teachers will welcome us to the school and then the children will proceed with a couple performances for us. Sing and dancing, even sing with the sign language. All of the children did so beautifully!

Then the children start giving their mothers gifts. I got 2 mother's day cards, a picture frame that was hand decorated and drawed by Kai Kai, and a tiny pot filled with 2 seeds.

So while I am busy admiring my gifts, KK went to prepare my tea and my strawberry cake! He brought them out on a tray one by one and served me. I was the first one to be served I guess because KK is one of the oldest kid in his class and also he is used to serve and help out at home! Other moms can tell that KK has done this before so they asked me and I said proudly yes, he actually does this at home a lot so he is used to it. He makes sure that I finish everything that he served me.

We chatted and we took pictures together too by other mom's help... as you can se...this photo was not taken by me...if you know what I mean...(my face looks like a ghost!)

One time, the mom that sit next to me looked surprise and she asked if I am Kai Kai's mom and she look at Kai Kai like it's her first time to see him. She told me that every day her daughter always mention about Kai Kai does this or Kai Kai does that and how Kai Kai is so nice and play with her or help her learn at school. Then one day she ( her name is Evita ) told her mom and dad that when she grow up, she is going to marry Kai Kai! Hahaha!!!

It was a lovely day in the school, and La La is like her usual self, very cooperating, half the time she nap, and then half the time she just watched. There was a short time at the beginning when she cried while Kai Kai was performing, I think because she is sleepy but the noises kept her awake. Kai Kai couldn't concentrate on his performance because he heard his sister cried. Right after the performance, he just left everybody else even though his teacher told him to move to another classroom for more show, insted he just ran to see how his baby sister is doing, to bad my digital camera can only record 30 seconds, so it was cut off before you can see how he cheered up his sister.

Thank you Kai Kai ,for all your lovely gifts and cards! Luv U sweetie ....

If you look closely, you see that Kai Kai glued a tiny cross on the photo frame because he said he knows God...aww...isn't he great???

Inside the yellow card with my face on it, there is a book and the book page by page said these:

My mom is beautiful because she ... ( he wrote ) keeps her hair curly.
( He was so upset before when my hair dresser flat iron my hair! and cut Richard's hair short, he told her how much he hate it )

My mom and I like to ... shop.

My mom's favorite clothes to wear are ... beautiful dresses ( I don't own dresses )

My mom really loves ... ME! ( Yes... he got that right! )

My mom cooks the best ... cookies.

This is how she makes it ... she makes dough.

My mom always says ... I love you ( Awwwww.. )

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