Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Perfect Mother's Day

I don't think I can explain clear enough on how perfect is today. I guess both Richard and Kai Kai wants me to have a great time today as a gift for Mother's day. Just as I requested, we went to VanDusen to relax and to take family pictures. Look at our picture, it's so perfect! I couldn't be happier with the result ...

So instead of writing a long posting, I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Isn't that there is saying " A picture speaks a thousand words " ?

Those geese looks so cute aren't they? Well... they weren't that cute a minute before I took this photo. I was trying to reach Kai Kai and I have to walk near those geese. I just took a step closer and the biggest goose hissed and chased me away!!! That was pretty funny ... So I have to max my camera's zoom to take this picture.

I love the composition of this photo below:

After walking for 2 hours in the park, we went to one of our favorite restaurant, The Shaughnessy Restaurant that located at the entrance of VanDusen Botanical Garden to have lunch. Since today is Mother's Day, they only serve a special package meal. For one price you decide what kind of appetizer, main course, and drink you want.

Above: "Polenta with bacon, cherries tomatoes, and mushrooms"

Above: Our server brought the wrong order for me and as absent minded as I am, I just took 2 bites of this dish without even realizing that they are not my salmon. I don't quiet remember what this one is, but it's chicken.

Above : " Shrimp wrapped in Fillo Sheets with goat cheese and peas tips salad "

Above: "Macadamia Crusted Salmon, sweet potatoes with crabmeat, and cucumber salad"... this may not the real name of this dish, but this dish is absolutely the best one today, and like usual, it's always my order that is the most delicious one.

Above: "Lamb on a pastry with mint cucumber salad and glazed baby carrots" ... I order this dish for Richard because he loves lamb or goat meats.

Above: Kai Kai is enjoying his gourmet grill cheese sandwich that I special order for him.

Above: "Warm Chocolate torte with house ice cream"


Anonymous said...

Hello Yohana,

A friend of mine who lives in Canada gave me the address of your blogger. What a beautiful family picture with a great panaromic view. Could you tell me what brand & model of camera you used to take that lovely photo shots ?

Best regards,

Yohana Wu said...

I use Nikon D70 most of the time but some time I go back using my old Nikon Coolpix 4500. Most of the reason why the pictures turn out so beautiful is because I use PhotoImpact 11 to edit it. I am not a photographer and I never take any photography lesson. I have not even read my camera’s manual. Everything I did with my camera is just based on instinct and many many practices. Most of the time I never use the right exposure or what ever because I have a son who never stop running around and that makes me always in a hurry. I have no time to set my camera right like other people who have no kids to chase around. And as you can see, most of the time, my focus is taking my family’s pictures. That is why I need high speed to take my son pictures since he always on the move.

I hope that my answer will satisfy your question.