Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nothing To Do? Let's take pictures!

On Friday, Kai Kai doesn't have to go to school because I only enrolled him for his kindergarten from Monday to Thursday only and on Friday, his only activity is just swimming lesson in the evening.

Since we are both bored at home I thought why don't I just take both of their photos together? Yeah....!!!!

So I start playing around with putting white throw blanket on the sofa to make a neutral background. Then I asked Kai Kai to hold his little sister this way and that way. I am experimenting on several different position on both of them. Later when Kai Kai is tired already, I told him to take a break first while I take his sister's photos. Then when he is not tired anymore, he even asked me to take pictures of him. I told him that he doesn't have to smile at the camera. Just act anyway he likes. As long as they look neutral enough. In another word, no funny faces this time!

I also remember to document his first missing tooth...

On Saturday, Kai Kai learn rollerblading for the first time. I was surprise that he is automatically able to walk around with it! I still remember the first time...well...until the fifth time I learn rollerblading, I couldn't even walk with it!!! I came home completely covered in bruises even on my palms until my mom told me to stop! I am glad that Kai Kai got his talent in sport from his daddy, and not from me...

Since Kai Kai directly knows how to walk around in his rollerblade, all we have to do is just standing around watching him so what else can I do? Yes... take more pictures!

No matter where Richard is moving her around, she only has her eyes on me...awww... :)

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