Sunday, May 28, 2006

Going To The Dentist

My son loves his dentist. He loves it so much that he kept asking me when is his next dentist appointment. My son does has a great teeth. When I was pregnant with him I drink milk non stop even though I don't like to drink milk actually. When he was a baby, sometimes in the middle of the night he wants to drink milk and I let him. Actually this is bad for his teeth but maybe because his teeth are so strong, he did not get any cavities. Even his dentist was amaze that after for so long he always drink milk at bedtime there is not a single cavity. His dentist also said that KK has a perfect over bite. I am glad that he has such a great teeth after I have to force myself drinking milk for over a year just so that he can have strong teeth! I did the same with La La too off course.

So since he never had any cavity, he never knew any dental pain, well except when he lost his 2 front teeth, but even then it was just a small pain.

But beside never having any dental pain, there is another good reason why he loves his dentist visit. It's because I found this great pediatrician dentist office that looks like children play area/arcade.

You can see it your self! This place has 3 TV games, then 2 arcade games, then many toys to play with, many books to read, a crawl space with funny mirrors, and a room full of costumes for the children to play dress up! There is even a TV on top of each dentist chair with headphone as well and usually they let Kai Kai pick a children channel first or for older kids they just gave them the remote so they can switch the channel while having their teeth cleaned.

And while the children play, there is also a sitting room equipped with TVs and headphones to hear the movie and all of the movies they play is for children.

Plus but not least, the dentist is sweet a kind and she has many assistants who are just like her! No wonder we have to wait 3 months to get an appointment with her!

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