Saturday, November 26, 2005

Soccer !!

Start from 3 weeks ago, my son start to learn to play soccer. It was fun watching him ( off course before I was told by my doctor to stay on bed rest this week ) learn how to play soccer with other kids his age.

Like usual, KK makes new friend fast. His new friend is the boy with David Beckham' hair style.

It was funny watching so many kids running around and nobody knows which direction they suppose to kick their balls to....

Then every few minutes, someone cried because somebody else "stole" their balls... or someone "kick" their shins....etc....I made a new friend as well there, a mother, we both keep count on how many kids cried in one practice each time... hahaha....

Some kids just do not know how to share. They will do anything to prevent anyone from kicking the ball. They will hide the ball behind them at the corner of the room, sit on the ball too if necessary.

But most importantly, KK enjoy running around chasing his ball and kick it as hard as he can !

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