Sunday, November 27, 2005

Missing a Milestone

Since my son was born. I was always be there with him when he did his "first".

I was there when he first trying to speak.

I was there when he took his first step.

I was there on his first day of school.

I was there when he finally know how to ride a bike.

I was there when he can count up to 100.

But since I am confine in my bed right now, for the first time I was force to miss something from his live. His first ski lesson....

I didn't know that I can feel this sad for missing his first ski lesson! It's my first miss something ....

I am thankfull that my husband understand this even though I did not tell him about how I feel. He usually lazy to bring camera or camcorder to record our son's milestones. Usually it was me who do it with my camera. But this time. He brings the camera and the camcorder where ever he goes with our son now. Like going to soccer practice. Or his first and second ski lessons.

So when they came home, Richard will hook up the camcorder into out TV and I can watch all of them while he and Kai Kai explain it to me on what's what.

I feel better after that....

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