Saturday, November 26, 2005

First Time to Play with Snow This Year

Last week the weather here is really weird. For more than 4 days the whole Vancouver was completely covered by fog. We wait and we wait for the fog to lift up but it seems it's here to stay. So finally we decide bad weather or not, we are going to see the mountain in Mt. Cypress today.'s true that below the mountain snow level was very foggy. But above that line... it's a sunny day!!! If we knew this before, we would have been to the mountain earlier !

My son really had a blast playing with the snow and his sled. Last winter we bought the sled to late and he only use it 2 times I think.

We did not stay too long there, only about 2 hrs mostly because I am tired easily lately with my pregnancy getting more advance. I did not do anything there, just sit and took some pictures of them.

But hopefully soon I will have more photos to share because my husband is planning to take our son for his first ski lesson. So even though I will on the bed, I will ask my husband to bring this camera with him for taking picture of Kai Kai's first ski lesson !

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