Friday, October 19, 2007

Family Vacation To Batu Again

The actually date when we go to Batu was September 16 - 19, but only I have the chance to write this story. To be honest, by now I already forgot most of them...oops.... That is why I told R not to bother me when I wrote our story in Bali before I forget a lot of things.

Since Batu is pretty close to Surabaya, we don't plan too early. Just a week before we went, we booked our room at the same Klub Bunga in Batu. This is the same place where we stayed before and I already describe a lot about this place in here previously so if you like to know more about it, you can click here.

But don't you worry, there is still a different about our experience on our last visit to Batu with this time around.

What still the same is my mom still packed so many stuff for her grandchildren like we are going to move to Klub Bunga permanently, hahaha... and we still couldn't get any big fish from the fishing pond in Klub Bunga even though big fishes like to swim around our bait! That shows how well they fed the fishes everyday until they refused to bite our baits.

The only person who think this place is a bit boring is R, the rest of us still enjoy our stay. The kids still refused to go home.

R is just curious to see more of Indonesia so he wish to stay somewhere else next time. Maybe he will get his wish because my father is planning to stay at Kusuma Agrowisata Hotel just because they have a siamang monkey in their fruit orchard.

But now I will let LL to finish this story ...

"Now is my turn ! " La La said ...

"Hello there! My name is La La and I was 19 months old when I went to this Batu again. I was here few months ago and since I love it so much, my mommy decided to bring me back to stay here again "

" Can you tell that I have grown a lot since the last time I was here? "

" A lot of people are surprise when mommy told them that I am only 19 months old and not 2 years old because I am tall for my age and I can do a lot of thing that 2 years old can do! I even wear my clothes in size 2 to 3 years old already! "

" My taste in fashion is pretty clear, I love girlish thing, I love to wear dresses with some accessories just like my mommy, I usually like to borrow her colorful necklaces too and she always let me wear them at home ... "

" Some people said I am very playful because even though I am not even 2 years old yet I already know how to tease people. I put ice cubes on papa's cheeks sometimes just to surprise him. I like to surprise mommy too from behind. Grandpa is pretty easy target too, every time I see him fell asleep, I will sneak to him and yell " Wake up!!! ", hi hi hi.... With my grandma I am pretty good because my grandma is always nice to me and I am smart enough to know that the sweeter I am to her, the more toys she will buy for me, haha! So I don't tease her that much "

" With my big brother, I think I tease him too much because my mom sometimes scolded me because I like to grab his toys when he still plays with them. I can't help it, I am too curious! But koko ( big brother ) KK always give me his toys anyway, he always let me get away even when I don't even let papa hug him ! But it doesn't mean I don't like to hug and kiss KK. I think he is so cool! "

" You don't believe me? Why, look at his photo below, he looked so cool sitting on the MPV bike that papa rent while we stayed in Batu. I was so excited at first because I thought papa will let me ride the MPV just like koko KK but then he left me behind with my mom and grandpa, he said I am too young to ride the bike with him and it's not safe for me.... how unfair!!! So I cried and I cried but that doesn't seem to help ... at the end papa still refused to let me ride with him, huh! "

" But I forgive papa because he can be nice too, he brought me to swim with him in the warm pool in the hotel and he spent a lot of time playing with me until I am so tired! "

" Koko KK is also nice because he likes to play with me and he doesn't splash water to my face like the other big kids I that saw in the pool"

" Mommy and koko KK likes to play with me a lot, with mommy, she likes to take me to see many flowers and animals then she would tell me their names and asked me to repeat the names back to her. I tried my best and if I couldn't say it right, she just laughed it off and kiss me "
" Look at me, I am always very curious to see the animals, here I was staring at the water bugs on the duck pool in the hotel. Because I love animals so much, my grandpa likes to bring me to see the animals in the zoo back in Surabaya, and in Batu, he brought me to see a Siamang monkey at another hotel in Batu. I saw some cool birds over there as well "

" On the photo above, I was trying to look as cool as papa with his sunglasses! I think I look cooler than him with the glasses , he told me so "" When I said that my big brother is very cool this is why... He is cool because he loves me so much that he will leave everything behind ( toys, play station, his favorite movies on TV ) when ever he heard me crying ( even when I just pretend to cry ). He always try to cheer me up and protect me. He always forgive me even when I know I am not being nice to him ( like when I bopped his head with a wooden stick ! ). He still let me have his toys even when I broke some of his favorite toys too ( I didn't mean too! How do I know they are so easy to break?) , He likes to feed me with his favorite food when I ask for a taste ( like his chocolate pudding for example ).When I am so cranky ( mostly when I am sleepy ) he will push me around on my stroller until I fell asleep.

" On the photo above, my big brother KK hold my hand because he is worried that I may fall down "

" So now I hope you can see how cool is my big brother KK. If I miss to tell you more about why he is so cool is because the list is too long and I am only 19 months old and one time I overheard mommy told my grandpa that usually a baby my age only have a 2 minutes attention span so I think I already did better than my peers here! "

" I am getting tired now to talk, so I will let you see the rest of our family pictures that mommy took, I am going to play with my toys now, bye!!! "

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