Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Own Very Belated Birthday Party Story

I felt kind of silly writing this story because my birthday was in July and now is already October. So I am writing this story 3 months late because I have to many things to say ( the secret is out now, I am a VERY talkative person! ). So this story keep getting pushed back for other stories first.

I have to try harder now to remember what happen that day ...

So here it is, a summary of what's going on that day....

I was in Taipei when I have my birthday. Since I can't even speak Mandarin, I can't even plan my own party. I also do not know how to choose which restaurant for my birthday dinner. So all the credit for today went to R, my dear husband who has planned it carefully so that I will be happy that day.

First he asked me what I would like to eat and I said let's eat Japanese food ( not because I want to that much, but because I know my son loves it ). So he makes many phone calls to his family and friends and discussed with them which restaurant should he take me to that I have not try yet. Since he knows that I like to go to Taipei 101 to shop and there is a good book store there too he pick the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in there so that I can eat my Japanese food and shop too.

So we went to this new Japanese buffet restaurant that turn out to be serving not only Japanese food but also western food. In fact I love their Prime steak the most.

We were worried that LL will be cranky because it's going to take a long time to eat there but thank God, she was so happy tasting every food that I place in front of her. She loves to taste new food but she can't eat too much of one type of food so buffet is really a perfect choice for her. The same with me and KK.

We went there with all of my in laws. 11 people in total.

After we stuffed ourselves silly, I still have time to buy some books too because the book store is on the same floor with the restaurant. Then we went back to my parents in law's home. Then one of my brother in law went out to buy me a birthday cake, how sweet of him, because he always buy me a birthday cake for several times now, hahaha.

So I say my wish and blew the candle ...

My mother in law bought a make up set for my birthday and R gave me 3 beautiful pens, full of bling bling ( he knows his wife likes bling bling ). My mom gave me money because she couldn't be here with me to celebrate my birthday. So I went and bought a bling bling for myself. Thank you mommy, you are the best!

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