Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tiny Reunion With Old Schoolmates From Petra

About 2 weeks ago more of less I had a small reunion with an old classmate from my primary school. I think all of this thanks to one girl in particular who willing to organize this little get together. I admire her for having the energy and the drive to always keep contact with old friends. I love meeting old friends too but I don't have the confidence that if I invite people they will come.

So here I posted some photos that I took with my old friends ...

In the beginning we went to eat dinner at Trattoria in Dr. Sutomo. I wrote an entry on my blog regarding this restaurant on June 7Th. If you like to know more about this place you can click here.

We had a lovely dinner together there because the food is good and the company is even better. So we decided to continue out little party somewhere else and so we went to have some drinks at Starbuck in SOGO.

And again, we love the company so much that the next day we continued it again by having a lunch together at one of our friend's office. Since her parent own the company we can have lunch at her office room. She gave us so much food to eat until we can only eat half of what she served.

I wish I can meet my old friends more often ...

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