Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bye Bye, I Am Off To Bali For Our Honeymoon!

Bye bye guys.... wish me a lot of happy times. We are leaving to Bali from 10 to 13 Oct for our first time ever honeymoon. No kids.

I will tell you the stories later and I promise to take lots of pictures!!! We plan to do a lot of water activities !

We are going to stay in Aston Resort, I booked a private villa with private pool with a special order, I asked them to put 10kg of red rose petals on the pool!!!! YES!!!

On the second day we will have a private tour with a rental car and a driver/tour guide. Then I arrange a cruise tour to an island near Bali for our third day activity. For the first day, we just want to hang out and enjoy the villa.

So bye!!! Write to you later!

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