Sunday, October 29, 2006

To La La, With Love On Her 9 Months Birthday

The last time I posted an entry for her monthly birthday was for her 5 months birthday and now she is already 9 months old. Amazing at how many things has change since then.

During these few months she acquired many new skills and starting to show her personality more and more.

One thing for sure though... I found her more fascinating everyday!

It is really interesting to see the differences between boy and girl with Kai Kai and La La.

They are so different in many things.

She keeps coming up with new cute behavior that she will outgrow in about a week or two but then she will have another cute behavior to replace the old one. For example, last month, when she is happy with us, to get our attention, or trying to please us, she will bat her eyelashes !!! Goodness gracious, this girl is a very girly girl!!!

Later on she replace this with "kiss-kiss", she will pucker up her lips just like we do when we want to kiss her and start making that kissing smacking sounds at us! Even now she still do this.

She also knows how to dance to the music by rocking herself to the beat. Sometimes this is also being accompanied by waving her hands on the air. She has 2 musical toys that she loves, both from LeapFrog. One is the Leapfrog frog with play time and sleep time music sets, and the other one is the new musical A-B-C Spider. She knows how to operate these 2 toys since 2 months ago, since she was 6 months old. Amazing! One day, while she was rocking/dancing with her musical toys, I tried to follow the songs with Kai Kai's toy keyboard. Many years ago I learn how to play piano but it's been 6 years since I touch a piano key! So I am very rusty and as a result I kept making mistake trying to imitate La La toy's song and she get cranky because I ruined her fun. She said something that sounds like this with a cranky sounds "! ". At first I thought she just wants to talk to me so I stop playing the keyboard and replied to her " Yes sweetie ". Then she go back to rocking with the music. But soon, she yell at me again when I disturb her from enjoying her music with my falsetto performance on that tiny keyboard! This happen 3 times before I finally get it that she doesn't like me to interrupt her with my talentless piano recital! So I stopped first. Until she is busy with her other toys and I practice first on that tiny keyboard. So when she return to play again with her musical toys, this time I can follow that same songs with my tiny keyboard almost perfectly. This time, La La just turn her head and smile at me. I guess she thinks my piano performance is okay now ...

Another thing that she likes to play is " Peek-a-boo" game, how she does this is by hiding her own face on a pillow until I said " Boo! " then she look at me and give me a big grin!

Since 3 months ago ( she is only 6 months old ) , she already knows how to call me "Mama". And since 1 month ago at least, she calls Richard "Papa!". Now, she can say also " A-ma " to her Taiwanese grandma, "Mak" to my mom, and "Apa?" when we asked her questions. I think my son start to speak when he is around 18 months. Beside that, she also likes to have a long "conversation" with us as if she has something really important to say to us. Girl sure is more chatty huh?

On one scary note, 2 weeks ago she fell off from her crib! On the same day, she also had an allergic reaction. There are many red patches showed up all over her body and it takes 2 days with 3 dosages of medication administered by me that she finally stop having allergic reaction. She also had her first cold but luckily very minor, she did not have any fever. Just runny nose and a bit of cough. Since she is very healthy, she recover very soon without any medication.

Since 7 months old, she also start to eat solid. With my son, I wasn't confident enough to make baby foods on my own but now I enjoy making baby food for La La. And she shows her appreciation for my cooking by eating heartily everyday! We all loves watching her eat so well. This girl has sweet tooth also, she likes sweet vegetables such as carrots, sweet peas, red bell pepper, and pumpkins ( her favorite ). She loves sweet fruits off course. So when I cook her food, I always put one type of sweet fruit or veggies in it. She likes her meat too, with the exception of fish. She hates the fishy smell. She eats 3 meals a day, 4 bottles of milk a day and plus she also snacking on Gerber Fruit Puffs that looks like this picture.

I don't know why but both my children loves the taste of Gerber's food and even my bestfriend "W" children also loves this brand the most too! Luckily SOGO carries almost all of Gerber's products. Funny thing is, just yesterday I found that it's cheaper to buy Gerber Organic Products than the regular one. Maybe not many people knows that the organic bottles are also made by Gerber. Not that Indonesian do not know that organic stuff is better and healthier than the regular stuff. I wrote on my food blog that now on every grocery stores in Surabaya, they carries a lot of local organic products. Mostly fresh produce.

La La also start to walk around the house using the baby walker. Also watched by us off course for her safety.

She is also getting prettier everyday with her beautifully even white teeth on her gum, her smile is a killer! Add her habit to bat her eyelashes to that... man....nobody in this house can say "No" to her demands.

She still loves her bath time as well. The different is, since her hair is getting longer now, we likes to comb her hair. How we do this is by making her sit facing the mirror and we gently comb her hair. During this time, she will sit still and smile at her reflection on the mirror! She likes looking pretty! Except when I put on a hat on her head, she will grab it and threw it accross the room!

She likes to jump a lot too while I hold her up. She loves it when we swing her to the air. She is not as easily to be scared as before like when we were in Disney and we rode the train from the parking lot to the main entrance that alone is enough to make her almost cry. We are all addicted to hear her giggling happily. I think now everybody here develop stronger upper arm muscles from swinging her on the air!

So here are her pictures that I recently took ... see how she is growing from a newborn baby to a beautiful baby girl who knows that she is loved by us all.

Pic: Me and my daddy

Pic: LL loves soft cushie pillows and blankies. When she found one, this is what she is going to do with it. She will rub and rub and rub her face on the pillow and smile very big. If I join her fun by rubbing my face on the pillow next to her, she will laugh happily.

Pic: Even though she is very easy going and she doesn't mind if anybody hold her, she reserved her laughter only for me ...

Pic: Sweet and Classic Picture

Pic: A Silly Picture

Pic: Cute picture

Goodbye for now people...see you next month on my 10th month birthday ...


eliza said...

LL merangkaknya cepet ya. gak berasa memang udah 9 bln. tapi kenapa disana jadi allergy melulu ya? apa gak cocok dg udaranya atau makanan? makin gede makin mirip papanya lho...

Yohana Wu said...

NDak juga dia cuma alergi sekali itu tok, dan aku rasa mungkin lbh ke arah food poisoning sedikit aja.

Ya mungkin tambah gede tambah mirip papae. Perasaan sih dari dulu ya mirip sekali sudahan sama papae.