Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy 8th Anniversary To Us

This year our marriage has enter it's 8 year anniversary. But for us, it feels like we are marking our 10th anniversary instead of 8th because we have known each other for 10 years. Time flies when you having fun.

Since we have a kid, we never able to celebrate our anniversary without Kai Kai so this year we want to do something different. Since now we have many people who can babysit our children, haha! Finally, for the first time, we can celebrate our marriage alone!

Since we are still adjusting to living in Indonesia, we want to celebrate it in town. I wish we can go to Bali for 2 days in the future. But for now, here is how I planned our anniversary...

First I booked us a "couple spa" from Martha Tilaar Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This hotel is more commonly known by it's former name which is Hotel Majapahit, a very old hotel. We tried it before and we want to do it again because we already know how good this place is.

Originally built in 1910, the legendary Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya has been restored to its former glory. The hotel is a classic landmark filled with national pride, where an impressive history blends with romance and elegance. Hotel Majapahit's graceful colonial architecture and beautiful gardens make it tranquil oasis in the heart of Surabaya's business and shopping district. Its name comes from Indonesia's most glorious empire. Now Mandarin Oriental has recreated its heritage and luxury with meticulous care. Welcome to one of the world's most unforgettable hotels.

Located on Jalan Tunjungan in the centre of the financial, business, government and shopping district. The hotel is located in the central business and shopping district of Surabaya, which is only 15km from the Juanda Airport, around 25 minutes by car to the hotel.

But basically this hotel is only 15 minutes from my home! So we can easily get there on our own.

Beside booking for a couple spa, I think they name it Rama & Shinta Package, it cost Rp 700,000 or about US $ 70 per couple for 3 hours of heavenly bliss treatment.

First, they gave us undergarment to wear because some of the product may stain your undergarment. Then once we changed, I called them back to give us the scrubs treatments. After scrubbing us squeeky clean, they told us to take a shower together, ahhh..... After that, we took turn to sit in their sauna. While I was sitting in the sauna, they gave Richard a cold water to drink and a hot ginger tea. Then after the sauna, they massage us with the massage oil. FOr my message, I chose sensual message because I want to feel as comfortable as I can. On the other hand, Richard chose the body contour message, he got harder message than mine, beside that we also got different oil message, mine smell like roses and his smell more like eucalyptus.

After the heavenly message for an hour, they gave us body mask treatment and once the mask has dried up, they sent us to take a hot bath in the big tub full of bubbles and aromatherapy oil. While we were sitting in the tub, they also gave us a cool wet towel with more aromatherapy oil that suppose to relax our mind, I think they works because when I got out, I felt boneless!

Then to make our Anniversary last a bit longer than just 3 hrs, I also book an Exotic Facial for myself and a Head Spa for Richard plus a hair trimmed too. They both last about 90 minutes more.

So after spending close to 5 hrs in the spa, we emerged fully restored, relaxed, and our skin shinny ! Richard came out with a nice haircut while I came out will a porcupine hair style! Well... who husband loves me despite it all!

Since I am not going to cook and get all tired again after my spa , we chosed to eat in one of the restaurant in that hotel. At first we planned to eat at the Chinese seafood restaurant ( Sarkies ) but then we were tempted by Indigo Restaurant and Bar. Something that remind us of our time back in the States and Canada where we got married in the first place.

I was plesantly surprise when I saw the menu because since 12 years ago when I left Surabaya, this city has change a lot. Now in that menu I saw a lot of familiar things that I only can find in the States and in Canada. For myself, I ordered their house salad, it comes with local made Feta cheese! I can't believe that now Indonesia can make cheese too! Someday I am going to write an entry on my foodblog about Indonesian's cheeses. For now let me tell you what makes this Feta cheese different. I think this one is made from cow's milk ( just a guess ) because the real Feta cheese has a slight tart taste while this one doesn't have that tart taste. But for me, I happend not to like that tartness in Feta cheese so this Indonesian cheese is better suited to my taste.

For my entree, I chose US duck cooked in cherry sauce with sage. I was really surprise to see that they used fresh sage to cook it and to decorate the plate as well. I asked the manager if now we can buy fresh herbs from local stores he said, they have to import these herbs but to be honest I think now somewhere in Surabaya I bet I can get the plants. Why? Because just yesterday when I went to a grocery, outside the grocery store ( HERO at Mayjen Sungkono ) I saw a very small garden kiosk ( I can't even say it's a store ). They sells Rosemary about 11 inches tall ( 30 cm maybe? ) for Rp. 30,000 or US $ 3. They look so healthy and they are cheap! They also sell Lavender for cheaper price. The lavender is even taller than the rosemary and they only cost Rp. 10,000 or just around US $ 1 !!!

So that are my 2 orders and for Richard, he ALWAYS ordered steak or pasta. This time is steak. Beside the steak he ordered Whisky and beer, his usual drinks.

So here it is .... a high toast for our marriage....Happy 8th Anniversary to us and we love each other more each year!


peekaboo said...

Happy anniversarry,

kalo di SBY ada yg jual lavender, kira2 di JKT ada kaga ya? I love Lavender! I've been looking for this plant for ages. Mungkin bisa gue bawa ke Thailand dari JKT.

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary for Yohana & Richard
wah..ternyata kalian bener2 janjian ya
ama Christin & John hehehe
sampai2 punya Michael yg sama juga..
moga bahagia selamanya ya...


Yohana Wu said...

Utk Peekaboo,

Aku rasa Jkt pasti ada lavender krn semua sepupuku bilang kalau lavender sekarang byk dijual di mana2 krn bisa utk ngusir nyamuk. Rosemary juga di jual di mana2 utk alasan yg sama. Kalau di Sby aja ada, di Jkt pasti byk deh.

Utk Susan,

Thanks Susan ... Itu nama Michael kebetulan tok kok.

Faith said...

I know I am late, but happy 8th and may you both be blessed with MANY more!Sounds like you had a very pampered time! Glad you could get away just the 2 of you. Couples need that now and then when they have kids. I remember when Darren used to talk me into going to the beach for the weekend. We would leave Friday night and the kids would be with mom. We would wake up Saturday after our night alone of un-interupted fun together and want to go get the kids and we would bring then back to the beach and stay one more night. The kids are great and you would never want to change a thing in that area. But you also need One on One with your spouse or you lose something. Glad you could get away!
Love to you both, Faith xoxoxo