Monday, October 30, 2006

Interviewing My Son

As you can see, I have been writing and writing about my daughter and it seems that I have neglected to write about my son a little bit. My bad...

So here is an update on how he is doing lately.

Everyday his time pretty much revolved around his school and his after school activities. So really, we really don't have enough time alone with him anymore. And when he is home, he rather go bicycling around the house than sit talk to me.

Since we live at the same area with the company. Our home is never quiet. The opposite from our old home in Canada. For my son, this new home is way better suit his taste because he really hate to be lonely. He likes to talk to people a lot.

So at home, he rides his bike all over our property and he makes many stop to chat with our employees. Within 1.5 month, he gains a lot of insight that amaze us about how our company works, how to improve it, how to deal with lazy employees, and such.

Amazingly, his advises are usually correct also!

For example: He said a lot of our employee at the back of the property are sleeping around and they don't really follow the company rule. So he suggest that my father should call them one by one and tell them to behave themselves. Then he suggest that we should test our employees to see how good is their performance and we really have to test our future employees so we won't have this many lazy employees he said. Hahaha! He also said that our employees need to learn to clean up the mess that created when they work. Beside telling us this, he proof it to the employees on his own idea by dusting all of our products in the warehouse. To show it to our employees that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Good for him because I do the same too. While my dear cousin Eliza said that my life in Surabaya will be so easy, I don't have to clean up anything anymore she said, and I will go regularly to beauty salon for this and that. Well... here it is Liza, one of this day, I will take a picture of my hands and send it to you. These are the hands of a worker, full of blisters and scratches because I still clean up my own mess. True that I don't have to do my own laundry anymore. But I still wash my cooking tools after I finish cooking ( I have to cook for bigger crowd here! Without the help of my trusty dishwasher machine! ). Then I clean up my own kitchen. I even scrub my own bathroom , and off course I clean up my room and children's room too.

So yeah... maybe Kai Kai get that from me...the different is, after I clean up all of our mess ( not just mine ), I did not go to my husband or my father and asked for my wages! Hahaha. That's what Kai Kai did to me. He asked me for his wages and yes, I paid him for his honest work. He did very well because he really put time and a lot of effort to dust a lot of our products. Not just pretending to dust them only.

At night time, he never forgets to pray for his favorite employees who usually play with him.

Beside this story, KK also has lost some of his baby tooth and the last one, he lost it in the car on the way home from school. In the car, he likes to munch on some popcorns that he bought from the school. Then suddenly he said to the driver ( Djo ), " Djo...I lost my tooth!!! " He insist for Djo to stop on the side of the street and search for his tooth but both of them couldn't find it. The reason is because he knows Richard wants to collect all his baby teeth.

Later I have a conversation with him regarding the tooth fairy and I taped the conversation so that when he grew up, he can listen to his own words.

I think I am going to tape my conversation with him more often because they really are so cute. A child's confession.

Video: Talking about his missing tooth.

Video: Talking about tooth fairy

Video: Talking about marrying his bestfriend James so he can be our family.

Video: Praying before bedtime. That is his style when he pray.

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