Monday, October 23, 2006

So Many Parties!

Pic: I love my mommy!

Coming home to Indonesia means I have to go to many parties. I really hate it that I have to doll up myself. I am happier when I am wearing my daily casual clothes. I know that a lot of women, loves to have a reason to dress up themselves, go to salon to have their hair styled that sort of thing. Well... not me.

The only bright thing about all these invitations is the food. Since I promise to write more stories about eating out experience in Surabaya, so here it is.

The first party is my grandma's 86th birthday. It was held in a nearby small restaurant and we only invited some of our family members who lives in Surabaya. It was a casual party so I have no problem with the dress code. was my grandma's birthday, I think she will forgive me if I dress down a bit.

Pic: LL looking pretty with her daddy

Pic: My granny on her 86th birthday

Pic: KK sang her a "happy birthday to you"

Pic: My grandma likes LL very much

The next party that I have to go to is a wedding, but we only went to shake hands with the bride and groom at a Buddhist temple and then we went straight home so again, I don't really pay attention to what I have to wear. The only reason why we went there is because the groom is also a Taiwanese.

Then the next big party is for a 25th anniversary of Musa and Yokie. They are my parents' old friends and Musa happened to be my bestfriend "W" uncle.

In the afternoon, "W" already dragged me to her salon to have our hair done together, then she suggest I should have manicure and pedicure as well, complete with reflexology massage too! I ended up with even shorter hair than ever. I can't even remember when was the last time I have this short hair, boy's style! While I look like a boy, my bestfriend's hair style looks like a peacock!!! I tried very hard to keep my face straight ( I really really wants to laugh actually ). "W" was speechless too when she saw herself on the mirror ....

Anyway, we both brought our 2 kids to the party and we did have a great time mainly because how can we not when 2 bestfriends from kindergarden met ? Even our husband get a long just fine. Our kids too ...

The restaurant is at Shangri-La Hotel and it's an all you can eat buffet. They have many different type of cuisine, from western food, Thai, Chinese, to Indonesia. Not a bad place to hang out but "W" said she rather went here for their all you can eat breakfast buffet. I believe her ...

Pic: Both "W" daughters likes to play with La La

Pic: My dessert, I skipped the cakes and I tried their Thai desserts, plus one very bad biscotti like cookie and 2 meringue cookies

Pic: Kai Kai "the angel", "W" helped him to get his food and he asked her to get him veggies and tofu only. Later he asked me for cheese only type of food. He finished all those food.

Pic: That's my bestfriend "W", she changed her peacock hairstyle into this neat hair style by herself.

Pic: Richard, "W" and her husband "H".

Beside these 3 major parties. We were also invited to eat dinner with several of my parents' close friends who wants to welcome us back to Surabaya. I lost count on how many dinner that we have with them. On top of these extra dinner parties with them, we also celebrate Richard's 35th birthday at home quietly and we also started to celebrate our employees' birthday too every month on our monthly employee meeting that Richard recently started.

It's great to be back ...


eliza said...! wah, Yo, mana fotomu dg rambut baru? itu gak salah temenmu w? Richard keliatan macho dg kumis & janggut ;) KK happy2 aja yah....LL juga tambah gede!

Yohana Wu said...

Nobody remember to take my picture ... they always knows me as the person behind the camera ...sad...sad...sad...