Sunday, May 13, 2007

Many Stories and Not Enough Time To Write

Pheww.... sorry guys I have been away from my computer for a while now due to 2 reasons. One, I am very busy and two... my dear husband just keep on monopolize this computer for himself!

Anyway, let me try to make it short and sweet...

Just as I wrote on my previous story about not knowing that the day when I went to school thinking that we might have a parent meeting but then it turn out to be the day when my son has to perform his songs. I give you the follow up for that entry. Since I didn't know that my son was going to perform, I did not bring my camera. So the next few days I happen to go back to school to pick him up I saw these pictures taped outside of his classroom. I know that it's not the same as taking his pictures when he performed, but well.... beggar can't be too picky right?

Pic: My son as a Jupiter

Pic: Solar System Rocks!

So now let's get on with the stories ...

May is the last month of the school and we have tons of activities ! First was the Elementary Musical Performance. We have this twice a year. From Prep 1 until 5th Grade, they all do wonderful musical performance. And I am so happy to tell you that there is big improvement on my son's musical performance. Boy... I still remember his days when he was still at Kindergarden. While all his friends sing and dance, he just sleep on the floor looking bored!!! But now, my boy is singing and dancing with all his friends!!! I am sooo happy!!!

When the first time he saw me, he directly turn to his classmate next to him and said " I told you my mommy is coming!!!"....awww.... so sweet, he has complete faith that I will show up to see his performance today! Then while he was on stage, his eyes never stop looking at me because he is a bit nervous and he is looking for a support from me. So while I took his picture I keep giving him a signal with my hands or my eyes or my heads that yes I am very please with his performance. So I nod my head to the music, or giving him secret 2 thumbs up and mouthing words like " Good! " to him . So while I was busy, Richard also busy video tapping his performance as well. I think we are a good team. We knows when we suppose to look for the best possible position so we both can get good shot of our son.

Since we know that today we will need to use both of our hands, we can't bring LL with us and plus it's her nap time too. Too bad though because I think she will love to hear the music.

Oh well... maybe next time ...

At least this time I am well prepared to document his performance. I brought all of my 3 cameras complete with each of their extra batteries and memory cards!! Haha!!

I think also that this time, the music teacher has done a better job than the last musical performance.

Then 2 days later his school's PTA has the biggest social event of the year. They threw a big party called Spring Fair and all the money that was generated by this event will be donated. This is another thing that I like about my son's school. They never stop doing the actual good thing for the community. Yes sure, it's easy to just give money to the poor, but this school actually send the parents, teachers and the bigger kids to help clean the environment, fix poor people houses, bringing gifts to the orphanage and many more !!! How many schools in Surabaya can continously do these social works like this school? I don't think the number is going to be higher than my 5 fingers.

So to help the PTA earn more, I invite my old schoolmate ( Bebe )to come today. I am pleasantly surprise that she has come on last year Spring Fair. So this is her second while it is my first. Also we met San San because her son also a student here and three of us met another old schoolmate who came to sell something here ( her name is Shirley ).

Pic: Isn't he look cute in the middle?

At the Spring Fair, we have several food seller, some are from commercial and some are from parents, like the Korean parents that sells their yummy home made food!

Then at the gym ( luckily it's all AC-ed ), there are many vendors that sell their products. I was surprise that they sell a lot of lovely items! If I am not to busy chatting with my old schoolmates I would probably busy buying a lot of stuff! I kind of regret not to buy some certain stuff!!! Arrggg.... :(

Pic: Me, Bebe and San San

Pic: KK with his close friend from Netherland

Pic: What a great idea to get soaked in this hot weather.

Food is also good but again... I am too busy chasing my son, taking his pictures, and chatting up a storm with my old friends. We really had a great time. And I have to thank my hubby here for letting me have a great time with the girls. He told me to go ahead and have some fun with the girls and he will follow KK to make sure that he is safe. KK directly hooking up with his classmates and these boys just run around like crazy trying all the fun games that the Spring Fair had like the bouncy castle, the fishing game, the throwing big wet sponge that usually people use to wash their car into some bigger kids' face! All for good cause. We even have a horse pull carriage that favored by little children mostly. Clowns who specialize in making all sort of stuff and creature using balloons. It's really fun, really! And this is not going to be the end. Next week, KK will perform his first drama performance , it's called "Stone Soup". Then the school will have a water game too, I have no idea what that means but yeah... I think KK will game with everything fun!

So keep checking my blog okay?

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