Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Good Son

I took this video today when I saw my son busy cleaning up the room that he suppose to share with his sister. It turn out to be not a good idea because of their the difference with their schedules. Everytime he wants to play in that room is always the time when his sister need to nap or sleep. But even then, he clean that room for her too ... isn't he a sweetie?? He did it quietly, he did not wait until someone tells him to do it. He did not even tell me that he has done it several times before. He did not ask for us to praise him or to reward him too. I basically caught him on act because I happen to enter the room to return some children books that I found downstair in the living room to the book rack in this room.

I think the girl who eventually going to marry him is a very lucky girl. Everynight he always prays for his future wife and his sister future husband. So that God will give them both the right spouses that only God can give. He even prays for their future chidren! I want to make sure that my children will have the happy marriages that are blessed by the Lord.

Now since we live together with so many people. I really have to work twice as hard to mold LL to be like her big brother. Responsible, honest, trustworthy, not lazy at all, understanding, gentle heart, those are some of his good traits. I am so blessed to have a son like him. He is the most honest boy I have ever known. Even knowing what we are going to punish him if he do certain thing like getting time out in the class for talking to his classmate, he still report it to me or my husband. He always admit his fault and do his punishment with little complaint. He has this trait since he was just 2.5 years old. I told him that if he fight with his cousin over the toys until she cries again I am going to spank him. He came to me, call me, then he turn around and raise his bottom and said " Mama, I just made her cry, just don't spank me too hard okay? ". Isn't that amazing??? I did spank him that time but I did not do it hard enough because of his honesty. After that I let him sit on my lap, hug and kiss him and told him not to make his cousin cry again.

NOTE: He DID clean all of the toys without being reminded by me.

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