Friday, May 25, 2007

KK First Drama Production

At the end of this school term, KK perform for his first drama production called "Stone Soup". His character name is Pedro. I think he has been practicing for this drama for almost 3 months. When we offered to help him practice he always refuse our offers so I was pretty nervous, worry that he will not able to remember his lines.

Not to repeat my mistake on his Planet Show, I came early today and I brought 3 cameras! I came the earliest because I want to make sure I get a good spot to take his pictures and for R to be able to take his movie too.

I was so excited to see his first show and he did not disappoint me! He did his part marvelously! Oh sure he forgot one or two lines but Miss Lisa who sat behind us whisper it to him so everything went very smoothly.

What's important, he tried his best to be in character. He tried hard not to laugh to the audiences. He told me later that he likes to be on stage, to act and I think he can't wait for the next term when he can act again on stage.

The "Stone Soup" story line is quite simple. After the war everybody have nothing to eat. Each family only have one ingredient and they don't want to share the only thing they have with others. Until the soldier came and suggested that they should try to make a stone soup. At first they bring in some stones but at the end every family contributed what they have so that they can make a big pot of Stone soup that is enough to share for everybody.

"Stone Soup is what you need.
When you have some friends to feed.
Step right up with what you've got.
Add your stones!
Salt and potatoes!
Ripe tomatoes!
Carrots, beans!
Turnip greens!
Add it all to the big soup pot"

At the end I found out that for almost every show that the students perform, doesn't matter if it is in Little Theater or library or the big gym, the school will try to video tape it so that parents can buy the DVD for only $ 2 or Rp. 20.000 ! Too bad that for KK's Planet Show they didn't tape it.

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