Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Little Update On My Little Princess

After writing few hours for this entry because Indonesia's internet is so slow that calling them slow as a snail will be an insult to the snail, and it's all gone. I have no idea why my previous entry can just go poofff... The only thing I can do is write it again because I love my little angel too much to let this "little problem" get in the way of me telling you her story ...

Let me just keep it short.

My baby now is almost 16 months old. She weight 11 kg at least. On our last time to the pediatrician for her vaccination, the doctor asked me how many bottles does she drink in a day and I said "Six". Then the doctor told me that I should feed her more with solid instead of relying too much on milk. He missunderstood me. Then I said this to him, " Doctor, she already eat 3 meals a day, plus several small healthy snacks too! ". He look at me and laugh and he said, " 3 meals a day, few snacks, and she can still drinks 6 bottles a day? No wonder she is so solid!!!"
Yes, no wonder she is so healthy, she got her first flu attack when she is 15 months old. Even that is without any fever and she return to normal after a week.

She also still sleep from 7 PM until 5 AM, and then she take her first nap at 8 to 10 and then she takes her second nap at around 1 to 3 again. It's no wonder she grow up so fast and so healthy.

She LOVES her books so much. Everytime I came to see her in her room, even if it is at 4 AM, the first thing she will ask me to do is to read her books. She loves them so much, she likes to kiss the book while I read it to her. Because of that, I can not stop spending my money on buying more and more children books, I even ordered them from from here. Just don't ask me how much is the shipping and handling cost....

Luckily I don't have to buy her too many toys because she inherit her older brother's toys. I can probably open a used toy store just by selling those toys.

Also lately I like to make matching dresses with her from the same material. Ohhh...having a girl si so much fun for a mommy!!! Just like having a boy is so much fun for daddy too!!! We have so many things in common. She likes to see how pretty she is in front of the mirror by looking at her self from many angles. I am lucky I have a good friend who can make our beautiful dresses!!! All I have to do is buy let say 1.25 meter of fabric and my friend , Fanny, can turn the fabric into a dress for LL and a sleeveless top for me! Keep watching at our picture together!!!

Let me tell you what she can do now. She can start to speak few words like: cow, bird, want, what, drink, eat, turtle, dog, book, sleep, papa, mama, grandma, grandpa, big brother Kai Kai, moon, star, and other things. Some of those words are spoken in English and some in Bahasa Indonesia.

I like to play a game of guessing with her. When I brought her to the office, I use the white board to draw many things and I will asked her what they are and ask her to point them to me. She also understood me if I ask her like this:

"La La, where is the cow?"... then she will point at the cow
"La La, how does a cow sounds like?" ... then she will say " Moo...moo"
And If I start to sing her Old McDonald Had A Farm, then she will dance and mooing with me.

In fact, she is such a good dancer that she can dance differently for every different type of beats like Jazz, Classical, Chidren songs, pop, etc. She even dance to the beat of "chugga...chugga...chugga...chugga...choo...choo!".

She hums while I sing and her hums does sound close like the song that I sing for her.

She remember all the movement for each type of song.

She remember who teach her what. She is a good immitator. For example, whenever she met my aunt who taught her a church song then she will start putting her index finger to her cheek, ready to do the hands movement. Then she will start making her shoulder go up and down everytime she saw one of our driver because he likes to do that. The story can just keep going on and on about her immitation skill!

She can do many animal sounds like : Moo, baaa..., whoof whoof, miaow, ack..ack..ack ( parrot ), roar like a lion, or do monkey sounds. Car sounds too that she learn to immitate from her big brother KK.

She is so loving. She likes to run and then throw herself into my arms and hug me and kiss me too!

She is a bit jealous with her big brother every time she sees us hug him. But she never refuse me when I ask her to kiss KK.

Ok, I think that's all for now. I know that I miss a lot of story about her. I will keep you updated again next time.

Pic: This is how she looks when she just woke up from her nap!

Pic: Playing at mommy's room

Pic: Daddy likes to see me pretty and feminim

Pic: That is the dress that my friend Fanny made for her! I have a matching top.

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