Friday, March 24, 2006

Gabriella Loves Kai Kai

Since my daughter was in my tummy, she shows her love for her big brother. For example, sometime when she is too active, I like to rub my tummy to try to quiet her down a bit. Sometime it's my husband who rub my tummy, but nobody can quiet her down like my son. Every time he rub my tummy she will stop kicking around right away! Off course that's also make it hard for me to show my son how it feels to have his hand being kicked by his baby sister.

Then... since she was born, every time she is being a little bit fuzzy, she will stop to watch Kai Kai. They can play with each other for over an hour while I cook dinner! So no wonder that the first sound she made is "Kai"... because ber big brother's nick name is Kai Kai!

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