Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Month Birthday for La La

I still can't believe it that it's been one month already since I gave birth to our daughter. One month since I almost dead! Time really flies ...

So, I am going to recall what's been going on in this past one month.

I went home from the hospital on the first week.

I went to take La La to our family doctor for her first check up on the second week. She weight 3,05 Kg.

I went out to the mall with her on the third week and I also went to the hospital to get the hose that connected to my urethra out.

I went to take La La again to our family doctor for her one month check up and she weight 3.85 Kg now. I guess we did something right with feeding her every 3 hrs or less.

For her first month birthday, my husband especially cook for us and his co-workers ( 10 people there! ) a traditional Chicken soup, cooked with rice wine. Then sticky rice dishes with pork , fried shallots, dried shrimps, and Shitake mushrooms. He has to use our biggest pot to cook the soup for that many people! I think he use 2 bottle of rice wines just for the soup. If you cook it long enough, the alcohol will evaporate and leave just their flavour in the soup.

All these time I tried to take Lala's pictures as many and as often as possible. I think I already shot 1000 pictures at least because I already posted 297 pictures on my photo blog account at Kodak.com. Those 297 are the ones I like, not included what I don't like too much or the ones that I deleted.

After one month, I still couldn't believe that my son has grown so much when I compare his head's size to La La! His head is almost as big as mine! Even his feet! I have no problem about feeling the connection with La La, unlike with my son because he is my first born, when he was born... it took me a while before I finally realize that yes... he is indeed came out from my tummy. I was to shock I guess to suddenly becoming a mom for the first time. But for the second time, it's much easier.

Now I spent more time to just enjoy my daughter. Just to gaze at her smilling face and laugh a lot at her antics. I didn't do these things that much with Kai Kai because I was too frantic with trying to care for him on day to day basis. I wish I can remember again those time but I can't, and this makes me feel a bit sad. I am lucky that at least I took many pictures of him as well so even though I don't remember much about his babyhood, I can at least see his pictures.

I love it when my daughter smiles, especially when she laugh!

I love it when I change her diaper and then she kind of shaking her legs up in the air! So funny ...

I love to see her eyelashes, they are thick and curve upward, unlike mine that is thin and straight or thick but messy ( curve upward and downward ) like my husband's.

I love to stroke her cheeks or her skins or her hairs because they are just sooo soft. I thought my son's skin is so soft ( a child's skin ) because up till now, we have been faithful with applying body lotion to his skins after a bath. It's true that his skin is much softer than other kids his age. Or even his cousins. But nothing beats a newborn soft skin feeling....

I love to kiss her chubby cheeks because while everywhere else is soft, not much muscle tone at all, her cheeks is so tough, from non-stop sucking exercise!

I love to see and feel all those skin fold that she has on her neck, her arms, her legs. I enjoy them when I applied baby lotion on each one of them. I can understand people who adores shar-pei dogs... :)

I love it when Kai Kai and La La play together peacefully.

I love to see when my husband take care of her so gently.

I love to see how much she brings joy into my parents' life.

I don't even mind her poops.... :) ( now.. this is called L.O.V.E.)

Sure there are some thing that I can go without, like when she spit up or even vomit her milk. Then when she refuse to sleep early. At least I am glad that she did not like to cry hard at all. When she does cry, she usually has a good reason why, like her milk comes out from her nose and block her breathing. Or when she vomit all over her self on the bassinet. I would cry too if that happen to me and I can't do anything to clean them up myself!

Going out with her is not bad at all also. She usually just sleep it through until we came back home or pretty close to it. Sometimes I wish she wakes up more so I can show her things.

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