Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Food Blog Inspired

By accident, I found some amazing food blog on internet. I also got a few great food blog from my cousin, Eliza ,as well.

I fell in love with these blogs because one, they have amazing photos, I mean professional quality photography! Second, they are well writen by people who truly love food and knowledgable enough about it. Third, they show you all about food in the restaurants that they visited, is almost like you are going traveling with them in spirit! Fourth, they told you about the recipe books they love so you can save your money from buying mediocre recipe books that you are not going to use anyway. Fifth, they give you inside view of living in different world from where you live like for example I live in Canada and I love to read people's blog that live in Singapore, French, or somewhere else.

Some of these site also take you to their travel pictures too...I love travelling!

So last weekend, I was inspired to take food pictures and where else can I take many food pictures if not at Grenville Island Public Market, where food is available in abundant!

Off course after taking lots of pictures, I respect the people who wrote those amazing food blog even more... boy it's hard to take a great pictures like them!!!

Anyway.... I hope you like these food pictures and if you are interested to visit those blogs, you can click on my recipe's link and over there there are the food blog links that I mention above. Trust me, click on any of them, and they will take you to their amazing world of food, wine, and photography!

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