Friday, June 17, 2005

It's Strawberry Season !

From mid of June till mid July, we have a strawberry season in here. And since we live close to farm area, when summer has arrive, we never run out of U-pick farms to pick our fresh fruits from.

So now is Strawberry season and I only need to drive 3 minutes from my home to get to just one of the strawberry U-pick farm. We have several of them in my neighborhood. Next month is raspberries season, then followed by blueberries season, and blackberries season by late summer.

Last year I went to a blueberries U-pick farm and they were so delicious! So sweet! I never can buy that much sweet blueberries from grocery store. I guess there is a big different between store bought or ripe from the branch blueberries! Blueberries also excellent for keeping in the freezer. They hold their shape better than other berries. Anytime I want to make my fresh blueberries muffins, I just grab the blueberries from my freezer! Or if I need to make raspberry sauce for my panna cotta ( Italian pudding ), I will do the same.

For our first time to pick strawberries, I arrange so that we can go with KK friends' family too. I invite James' family, Hedy's, and Eunice. So today we all met first in KK's school then we drove to the farm.

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Flor, Eunice's mom also brought her baby Samuel with us.While Mary Ann, James' mom brought Jessica as well. When we arrived, the kids was so excited and they are so ready to start picking strawberries. We were the only family that never go to strawberry picking before.

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So James taught KK on how to pick the ripe strawberries and Hedy went to pick hers with Eunice. The rest of us also busy picking beautiful red and ripe strawberries too.

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While Kai Kai was busy picking the strawberries and ran back to give it to me, James was busy popping his strawberries into his mouth! He is so funny, his mom kept telling him to pick more strawberries to bring home and not to eat, but he just keep on eating them up until his lips are so red! The same thing with Samuel, this quiet baby just sit down on the ground and just start grabbing red strawberries and eat them all untill his mouth, cheeks, bibs were full of strawberry juice!

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-- Eunice with her strawberries -- Posted by Hello

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After we couldn't pick anymore because we just ran out of containers, I invite all of them to eat at my home. Originally we were planning to have a picnic but since the weather was too cloudy, we had a picnic indoor at our home instead. They enjoy my pasta salad , chocolate chips cookies , and brownies very much.

The kids did not really want to eat though, because they rather play with all Kai Kai's toys. But the adults were having a nice late lunch together.

We decide to go back for more strawberry picking next week and I am going to be in charge of arranging it again. I couldn't wait !!

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eliza said...

heee....sama2 pick strawberry minggu ini! cuma saya belon sempet nulis post, mau bikin strawberry tart dulu :D jgn lupa mampir ya, liat foto oregon strawberries!