Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coffee Lovers

Today we went to the US embassy to renew my son's passport. When we were there, they asked us if we have cellphones, and other electronic stuff. We do off course. They told us that the new rule forbid us to even leave those stuff there. We have to take them back all the way to our car! Then they told us to take off our bracellets, ring, watches, belt and I am thinking... if in the future you asked us to do a strip search....that's it... time to hand in my son's US citizenship back....

Beside that very annoying experience, we did have something interesting today. Right next to the
US embassy building there is Caffe Artigiano, the most famous café shop in Vancouver. I heard about it but never been there.

The waiting line is very long for just a cup of coffee but obviously it's worth the wait. I ordered 2 cappuccinos for to go, when they handed me the coffees I was amaze because they somehow put a design on the foam on top of my coffees in the shape of a leaf! Wow... that's a nice detail. Then when you smell the aroma ... ehm...ehm...ehm.... heavenly! The taste was amazingly smooth too! Definitely the best cappuccinos we have ever tried. And their price is the same with Starbuck.

So, next time you come to visit Vancouver, and if you happen to be a coffee lovers like we do, go there and try their wonderfull coffee!

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