Monday, June 06, 2005

Children Art Show

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After carefull planning made by the teachers today we have a Children Art Show where each parents have to buy their children's art works. The money will be donated to a Bangladesh Orphanage. The kids adopted a Bangladesh boy and they feel very involve and responsible for his well-being. That's why they try so hard when they made their art works. Kai Kai school really teaches the children to have a big empathy for others who is less fortunate. The kids actually has to do something to earn the money so they can donate the money that they earn themselves. It's a great education for them. They are so proud when they can do good things for others.

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Last time, I made my son clean up his toys everyday by himself so he can earn $ 1 a day. Then the next day, he proudly put the coin in the collection jar ! Then he told his teacher that he just give a dollar !

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Same thing with church. I made him give one dollar or 2 for his sunday school every week.

I want him to get use to the act of giving others as well as receiving from us.

I think this is very important because I saw more and more children who think they deserve everything they have. Even for things that is not theirs.

Respect, honor, material is something they need to earn. It's not a giving. It's earning it that makes it worth something.

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