Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jianguo Holiday Flower Market In Taipei

Actually when I wrote my previous post with the title Going to Taipei Jade Market, I should have write this entry also but since I think there are too many information and photos I decide to split my entry into more specific stories so that you can enjoy the story and the photos too.

On the same day that we went to the Jade Market, we also go to this Jianguo Holiday Flower Market that actually is located on the same area. Both are under a bridge. While I was pretty shock to see how expensive the jades are , here at the flower market, I wish I can bring those lovely flowers and herbs back home!

Another thing that I wish was I wish I have not forgotten to recharge my digital camera's battery too! I wish I can video taped more.

It was a hot day that day but at the flower market because they have to keep watering/misting the flowers the air is somewhat slightly cooler than at the jade market.

From the entrance that is near the Jade Market, the sight is just getting better and better. The deeper you walk the nicer the plants are. We are not talking about plants only here, I found some organic vegetables farmers too. I can not believe how big some of their bamboo shoots are, about as big as your thigh maybe. I also admire their ginger. Very big and juicy looking. How can they grown them organically without any pesticide help and yet they manage to be that big is beyond me! Every time my strawberries are maturing before I can harvest them the ants already get to them first!

Below is the only video clip I made that day:

When I pack my stuff to go back to Indonesia I also pack some herbs seeds with me because I don't know at that time that in Surabaya now I can buy fresh herbs from the stores ( I even have many rosemary plants in my home ). But no matter what it feels better to harvest your own herbs from your garden, when you need them and as much as what you need only compare to buying them wilted from the grocery store and either not enough for your cooking or too much and then you have to throw the left over into your garbage bin. So I did try to plants some of the seeds but for some reason I don't have the luck. The grow a little but then they wilted. So I gave them all to my mother's good friend because she has the green thumb while I am obviously don't. So just imagine how happy I am when I saw at the market row upon row of every herbs that I wish can have in my garden. All displayed in that market, fresh, lovely, and so fragrant! And those lovely Lavender!!! My ultimate favorite flowers!!!!

By the way I am in the process of waiting for my lavenders seedlings to grow strong and big now. You have no idea how much attention I gave to these little babies!!!! I almost do not want to go to Batu ( a mountain resort ) because I am worry that if I left them unattended they will die again!!! I called my maid twice a day just to make sure she watered them twice a day like I always do. I also have thyme, garlic chives, and cilantro seedlings. They are all my babies!!! I bought the seeds from local stores. So far they grow healthily. So I keep both my fingers crossed. I do regret not to buy many seeds in that market because at that time I thought there is no way they can grow with these not so green thumbs! Look below at how many seeds they sell in that market... hundreds and hundreds of different seeds!

I also saw some very cute cactus. Now, cactus is my son's favorite plant. I don't know what he sees in them but the sight of cactus always makes him laughing like crazy! I personally do not like cactus even though some of them can be very interesting looking. Too bad that my son at that time is in his summer camp school so he can't see how cute those cactus! But you can see them here in my blog!

Beside cactus, my son now just discovering a love for bonsai after he saw them at Batu ( this is going to be another story in the future, I have tons of stories , not enough time to type them here yet! ), and off course we saw many bonsai in this market too.

My son bought his first bonsai in Batu lately and he love it so much he put it on his study desk, next to his cactus. Hahaha ...

The gardeners in Batu said it is very rare to see a young boy ( 7 yrs old ) who is so interested and love plants like my son. I am so proud of him!!! He love plants so much, he never pick flowers. He let them stay alive so he can admire them longer. I taught him to be like this. On the other hand, my father taught my daughter to pick and smell the flower, oh well...

Okay so if you consider yourself as a gardener or plants lovers and you do have time to spare, you can come to this Flower Market and have a wonderful time like me. This place is a popular weekend spots for Taiwanese locals.

Location :

The Jianguo Holiday Flower Market is located under the overpass of Section 3 of Xinyi Road and Jianguo Road in Taipei City.
Opposite Chien Tan Station
Taipei, NC 111
+886 (0)2 2882 6200

Open Hours :

It opens from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sundays.

Vary depending on store too.

I also put down here some interesting website that tells you more about this Flower Market :


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