Thursday, September 20, 2007

At the Taipei 101 Observatory Deck

Funny that we have been to Taipei 101 building so often yet we never manage to go up to their observatory deck. A long time ago we already saw a one hour story on DISCOVERY channel about how Taiwanese can built this slim and tall building in a country that has many earthquakes. The key is a giant concrete balls inside the tower that will swing around to keep the tower balance during earthquake. They call these giant ball damper. Weighing 660 metric tons each. They are the world largest damper. Pretty amazing sight on TV but they look even more amazing up close.
Pic: The dampers

To get up to the observatory deck you have to pay first to get your ticket. Then you wait in line and the elevator will take you up to the 89th floor, 382 meters above the ground. It was amazing, the elevator door just close on us and in just few seconds we already arrive at the 89th floor. The ride is so smooth we can't fell a thing too. TAIPEI 101 Observatory’s elevators are Guinness Record-breaking high-speed pressurized elevators, with a speed of 1010 meters per minute. It takes only 37 seconds to reach the 89th Floor.

At 382 meters above the ground the 89F Observation Floor offers visitors a commanding view of the city and Taipei Basin at all directions. And what an amazing sight that is. We were lucky too that there is no cloud to block our view. No rain. So I get a good chance to shot some photos up there.
Once we arrived, we can borrow their pre-recorded audio tour guides that can speak in seven different languages. We also use their high-power binoculars too.

I do not have much time to go to the souvenir shops or enjoy my cup of coffee at their bars that day because we just stay at the restaurant on the lower floor level for a long time with Richard's ex classmates and their family. Plus I just bought so many heavy novels and recipe books at the bookstore in TAIPEI 101 Mall.

The Mall sells mostly very luxurious stuff. Most of the famous brand stuff such as Luis Vuitton and other brands have their flagships stores in there.

Pic: That is the longest tunnels in Taiwan. I was in there for over 20 minutes by car.

Pic: That round ball is a mall that open 24 hours. Go figure.


sili said...

what a view! LUV your pics. how're u? I'm in canada already...

Yohana Wu said...

Well congratulation! Canada is a beautiful country!!!

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