Saturday, September 01, 2007

At Taipei Jade Market

For his own reason, lately R has been a bit obsessed by jade. I don't know why. He is just like that , always have a new obsession. There is also another reason why he brought me to the Jade Market in Taipei, it's because I had been whining about can not find a place where I can play with my camera. I know that I am out of practice since LL was born.

So we rode our motorcycle all the way to the Jade market on a sunny day, 37 degree Celcius.... with a helmet on.... My readers around the world.... I did this because I love you guys alright.... so now I have story to post in my blog.

We arrived at the Jade Market drenched with sweat but excited for our own reason. For R, to find his jade ring and for me to get few good pictures.

At first I expected to see some cheap stuff in there because to be honest that place is very ....hmm.... let me be more subtle here, ... let's just say that place is not glamorous. Not like a jewelry center or something. That place is outdoor, exactly under a raise highway. They install a lot of big fans everywhere to keep the air moving and they have water dispenser machines everywhere also.

So it comes as a surprise when I asked the sellers how much are their wares, I found out that they are way more expensive that I thought. I have to tell you though that I have no knowledge what so ever about jade, so maybe my expectation is really wrong.

Beside jade, they also sell a lot of antique stuff too, name stamps, other pretty rocks, semi-precious stones, and off course some cheaper accessories too. It's fun also to see how they shape the jade or the pretty rocks.

After you found your perfect jade, you can go to other vendors to have it set on a ring, pendant, or your bracelet right there.

At the end, R went home empty handed but I came home with lots of photos to share with you guys!

So I hope you guys can enjoy the photos and the video clips.

On how to get there :

Corner Chien Kuo & Renai Roads
Taipei 106 Taiwan

Open Hours10am-6pm Sat, Sun & public holidays that fall on Mon and Fri.

For more photos of Taipei Jade Market, you can visit these sites:

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