Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Last Week Of First Grade

I really think that if a child has been enrolled at my son's school, it must be really really hard for that child to adjust to any other school less than SIS. Look at some of the pictures above and if you already read my blog previously you must have read also most activities that SIS has on regular basis.

This school has so many fun activities to keep the students happy to go to school. Jeez... my son even enjoy his homework! I couldn't even recall if I EVER enjoy any of my school's homeworks!!!

For his last week at school ( he is on summer holiday already now since May 26th ) the elementary throw a Water Day Party where from first grader till fifth grader can swim together in 2 swimming pools at school. They get to hang together, cooperate together as a team for the fun competition of diving and collecting coins from the bottom of the swimming pools and just relax.

My son chose to swim at the shallow water for his own reason ( He can swim just fine actually at the deep water pool ). I am guessing that he is very competitive and he knows that if he has to compete with older and bigger kids his chances of winning is pretty slim so he chose to compete with kids his age or slightly older like the second and even third grader that also swim at that shallow water pool.

After I took some photos and video I left him to have fun while I go shopping for grocery at the store accross from SIS . I know he will be fine, not only the life guards are there but all of the elementary teachers are there too to swim and play with the students.

I wish I had half of the fun that he is having that day on my school days ....

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