Monday, June 18, 2007

3 Announcements ( Birthday, Reunion, and Travel Notice )

Pic: Opening present.
Pic: Opening the hotwheel car boxes.
Pic: Thanking his grandparents' for their ang-pao.
Pic: Making a handprint for memory.

Pic: Rushing to wash his hand
Pic: Making another handprint because daddy think the first one is not good enough.

Sorry I have to be quick on this entry. The first important announcement is KK's 7 year old birthday that deserved to be celebrated with our big family but because several reason it goes almost unnotice. But I already promise that I will make it up to him by giving him 2 big Hot Wheels tracks ( feeling too guilty).

For the same reason ( again, feeling guilty ), my parents gave him a ridiculous amount of money ( Ang Pao ) ...

Again, because they took pity on KK ( I don't even buy him cake ), my uncle and my aunt bought a birthday cake ( that we still have not eat yet ) for him and gave him many hotwheel cars and other cool remote control car that light up like a disco car! Very cool! Plus balloons....

So yes, that is the first announcement.

Let's move on to the second announcement, my good friend Widajati who was my school mate for many years just came to Surabaya from Phoenix, AZ. So we find the time to go out with other school mate and had lunch at Shangri-La. She also came to my home to give me toys that I order for LL. She is kind enough to pay and bring them to me! Thank you Widi!!!

Even though not many old friends knows about our lunch ( I only have very few phone numbers to contact ) but we still had fun! We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures of the only guy who showed up for this lunch, Felix. Poor guy, he is so intimidated by so many girls so he just drop off to say hi and then he went back to work. The rest went straight to eat lunch at Jamoo. There were me off course, Widi, Bebe, Lina, and Doris.

Last but not least announcement....

I am leaving tonight to Taipei and I am going to stay there for 5 weeks and the kids with their daddy will stay for 6 weeks. Like usual I offer to bring LL back first with me so Richard can have more pleasant trip with just one child to entertaint but he declined my offer. He said he wants to have both his kids with him longer!!! Well good for me to have such loving husband. He also knows that I will have a hard time to carry LL who is so heavy now. He is confident that KK will be more help to him to entertaint LL instead of another child to take care of. I can not agree more. KK has proof his skill many times over on how he can entertaint his little sister.

KK will be in his first summer camp in Taipei for 5 weeks. This summer camp headquarter is in US and the purpose is to educate mostly US born Taiwanese all about their parent's heritage or culture.

So yes, I hope I can update my blog while I stay in Taipei. This will be a bit difficult because usually I always....that is not true... what I mean to say is, usually Richard will carry at least one laptop to Taiwan but this time we do not bring any. So I have to borrow my father in law computer and I don't like to do that because everything are in Chinese characters!!!

So wish me a good trip. I promise I will take many pictures!!!

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Anonymous said...

I had a good time with you girls!!! It's good to reconnect. Will see you again next year!