Tuesday, February 07, 2006

News about La La

After few nights, we finally gets better with night time feeding schedule. La La is really a great feeder, she gets hungry every 2.5 hrs and she can drink about 3 ounces each time.

Yesterday we went to see our family doctor, Dr. Kenneth J. Ryan and beside congratulating me on my amazing recovery, he also declare that La La is a very healthy baby. Not only she gained back her birth weight, but now she weighted about 3,05 kg, and it's only 2 weeks since her birth.

What about the new daddy does now?
Richard has been busy cooking for me and the baby healthy meals based on Chinese Recipe book that is specifically design for a new mom. In it there are complete menus for healthy and beneficial food for me and La La. Some of them menu are very famous such as "Pork feet cooked with peanuts soup", great for ensuring enough breast milk production. Then off course there is meal with Liver and Spinach for replenishing the body from blood lost. More fish recipe too. For sweet tooth like me, he made " white fungus with Chinese red dates and Lotus seed soup ". I am not sure what benefit I gets from this one. Other recipes such as "Fried Rice with Salmon Flakes", and "Pork's kidneys and ginger soup" also in my daily menu.

Richard really has been busy with taking care of his wife and his new daughter....I am a lucky woman indeed!

Beside cooking for us, he also cooks for my parents, his mom, Kai Kai and his niece! He is amazing! So while he cook mild food for me, he cook really spicy food for my parents. Everyday my father told me how much he enjoy Richard's cooking! Even more amazing ... he cook several dishes each day! Not just one dish, and he does this after working and between feeding the baby at night and driving Kai Kai around for his soccer practice or his swimming lessons! He is one busy guy...

As a testimony for how good his cooking is, his niece who is famous for being a very picky eater has been eating twice as much as her usual diet.

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