Thursday, February 02, 2006

Introducing Gabriella Rebecca Wu To You !

It's done! All is finally comes to an end, and what an ending this is it! A glorious one!

I couldn't say how glad, happy, relieve I feel! Everything from the surgery to the baby's health is absolutely perfect!

On January 24, 2006, as scheduled, I had my operation in St. Paul Hospital. The preparation for the surgery alone took about 5 hours and the surgery it self took another 5 hours.

First, they gave me epidural. It took many tries to finally get it done right. Then they sent me to the radiologist to have the balloons installed through my femoral arteries. The balloons are for preventing me from bleeding to death in 60 seconds flat. It can happen because when you are pregnant, your uterus pretty much become a giant blood vessel because all your blood are being directed to your uterus to nourish the baby. So in this kind of condition, if you cut off your uterus, is just like slicing open a giant artery!

Then they finally send me to the operating room ( OR ) where my husband was already waiting for me there. I was pretty drowsy around that time that I couldn't even see when the baby is born. Another reason is because the baby was so drowsy from the anesthesia that they gave me that she couldn't breath at first.

It was a pretty scary moment for my husband waiting for our baby to breath on her own but she finally able to do it.
From then on, they send my husband and the baby out from the OR and they finally made me sleep through my next surgery procedure where the doctors has to give me a histerectomy and bladder reconstruction.

Let me tell you how I look in that OR. There are so many tubes running through my body, I look like a marrionet doll. I had 2 tubes into my femoral arteries, I had 3 IV fluids, I had 2 tubes to pump the blood that I had donated and plus more if needed into me as well. Plus the epidural tubes on my back. Then later they install a catether, another type of catether that goes through my stomach into my urethra, and another tube in my stomach that act as a drainage. To hold all those tubes secured, the doctors didn't even want to use tape, instead they stitch them all directly to my skin! I had so many holes in my skin that I feel like a sieve!

When I finally conscious in the recuperating room, the first thing that comes to my mind was " I am ALIVE ".

I wasn't exagerating when I think like that. The last woman who has to go through this kind of surgery, she needed 20 unit of blood transfusion, but the other woman before her is even worse, she needed 60 unit! And with God's blessing, I only needed 3 unit of blood! Isn't that a miracle??? Even when I was in the recuperating room I overheard 2 conversations between the nurses that they really wish they can be there to see the surgery because my case is very difficult.

To tell you how well prepared and carefull is my doctor, his name is Dr. Anderson by the way, he arrange a team consist of 12 specialist doctors for my operation. Plus the nurses, the resident doctors ( students ).

Now... let me tell you about my daughter. She is the most beautiful baby girl that I have laid my eyes on! Because of the seriousness of my surgery, only on the second day I was able to hold her and call her name "La La", and she gave me her first smile! I call her many more times and she keep smiling back to me. I sang her the songs that I used to sing to her while she was still in my tummy and she stop crying and smile. I can even asked her to smile for the camera!

Her name "La La" comes from her big brother Kai Kai. 2 months ago, I asked him what he likes to call her, and he said Lala! We respect his choice, so now we call her with La La instead of Gabi, the usual nickname for Gabriella.

La La turn out to be such an excellent eater! Just like most babies, she lost her birth weight but within a week stay in the hospital, she regain it back again. While for me, amazing thing happen, for this pregnancy I gain 15 lbs and when I was back home again, I stepped on the scale and I found out that I lost 22 lbs! That's what happen when you have to be on liquid diet in the hospital for 5 days! Instant weight lost! No wonder my mom kept asking me to step on the scale... because she saw me shrinking so fast! Even I was amaze when I stare at myself in front of the mirror...before and after surgery!!!

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