Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Medical Update

Yesterday, finally I am a "hose-free" woman! Yup! These past 3 weeks I have to carry from 3 hoses back in the hospital down to just one hose that they connected direct to my urethra so basically the hose goes into my stomach straight to my urethra. It's a very uncomfortable feeling everytime I walk around because when the hose is swinging, I have the strong sensation that I need to go to the bathroom! Plus, it's really annoying that I coudln't have 2 free hands to carry the baby around. Every where I go... I have to carry the hose with the container as well!!!

So yesterday, Richard drove me to the Hospital to have my bladder tested. First they put me lay back on a X-ray machine's bed ( I am not sure what to call the machine's name but it's on the Radiologist room ). Then they inject as much liquid dye ( it looks like water too me! ) into my bladder as much as I can hold it to see if there is any leakage since I had my bladder reconstructed 3 weeks ago. Then they took as many pictures from many angles to make sure everything is fine and yes, everything is fine.
So at the end they pull the hose out.'s like someone pulling your intestine out from your body!!! It's so creepy!!! You can actually feel the movement inside your tummy! It's not painful, but it certainly not my favorite thing in the world!

Then with the hole in my tummy, all they did just cover it with some gauze and tape it close! Sometimes, I am just amaze at how simple and strong is human's body. We still can figure it out how can it be OK for me to have a hole here and there and I am not leaking blood all over??? It only take a week for the hole to close up, while the diameter of the hose is about 1cm or half an inch or so. Weird....weird...weird....

So now I can walk around without having to carry a hose!!! YEAH!!!

And because my doctor ( thank you DR. Anderson ) is so good.... I still have a nurse comes twice weekly to change my dressing and to make sure everything is fine.

But last night I also develop a slight fever ( about 39C ) so Richard let me slept through the night while he stays awake to feed and change the baby. For people who never have a kid, let me tell you what a luxury it is to be able to sleep through the night!!!! Well.. almost, I still have to wake up to pump my and then go back to sleep again.

On news update about La La. She is getting chubbier. When she was born she look so scrawny looking baby! But now she start filling up nicely those beautiful folds on her thighs, and her cheeks, my's just too delicious to ignore... they needs lots and lots of kisses!

One day, she wake up so hungry...and when her grandpa kissed her left cheek, she bited his nose! Then when he kiss her right cheek, she bited his nose again! Hahaha.... she just wants to suckle so much! What amazing again is she already knows how to hold her bottle on her own at such a young age, I still remember it takes my son months to learn how to hold his own bottle!

Oh yes, a couple days ago, for the first time we took La La to the mall to buy some American Ginseng for my mother in law. It was really nice to be able to go outside after being force to stay in the house for so long! La La was great too, most of the time she sleep off course, and when she finally woke up, I fed her and after that she just look sleepy but she manage to smile several times to the shopkeepers' delight!

On another positive note, by God's miracle power, I lost 30 lbs in 3 weeks after gaining only 15 lbs on my pregnancy without even stopping to eat at all! If you want to know my daily meals consist of very high fat diet, like the pork feet cooked with soy beans, peanuts, and young papaya! Then drink lots of whole milk too! That is not including the "other" meals yet! When I was pregnant I asked God if He can help me loose some weight...well...guess what? He grant me my wish!!! YES!!!! This is the best diet ever!!! I eat everything I want and even things that I don't want ( my dear husband force me to eat them for my well-being ), this is better than being on ATKINS diet! Hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

Selamat untuk kehadiran anggota keluarga baru.

I followed through your story since your pregnancy with all the troubles you've faced.

To see that now you hold the baby in your hand, saya terharu dan saya ingin mengucapkan 'The blessing of oOur God, Jesus Christ, is with you and you family.'

Anna & Family