Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spanked by God?

As you know, it’s been couple weeks now that I have to stay on bed rest due to too many complications with my pregnancy ( incompetent cervix + placenta previa + placenta procreta ). Because of that I can’t go to church on Sunday. And since I am not going to church…my husband doesn’t feel like going either because he feels weird if we are not going as a family like we always do.

Last week he told me that his 2 ex co-workers are coming from Taiwan to Whistler to ski for only 5 days and they invite him to join them there for a day of skiing. For some reason I had this really bad premonition about this invitation. At first I tried to ignore it, but I can’t. Then I tried to tell my husband about it but he thinks I am over reacting. We ended up arguing about it. No matter how hard I tried to ignore this bad premonition, I failed. So I brought it up again to him the night before but this time I tried to joke about, to make light of what I feel even though inside I felt like shouting at him, forbidding him from going. Jokingly I said “ You better go to Whistler as early morning as possible so you can come home early too… “( I am talking about how bad the road condition is )…Then I add “ I still want to have a husband you know….” (sorry I couldn’t help adding this…)

Beside bad premonition, I also had a bad dream too and I think my husband really doesn’t want to add more stress in my current condition so he did what I asked him to do which is leave as early as possible. He left at 7 AM last Saturday to Whistler.

Just for your information. My husband loves sport and he knows how to roller blade, ski, and snowboarding. He has done all this couple times before easily. In fact, it takes him only one lesson to know how to ski. Learning new sports comes naturally to him. Just like my son who inherit his genes learn to ride his bicycle in 1.5 hr ( I think I post this story in my blog too ).Even my son knows how to ski too now. But something happens ….read on….

Before he left, we prayed together like usual and in my prayer I prayed for his safety when he is on highways to Whistler. I can only think that what ever may caused him harm, most likely will comes from highways because I believe in his ability to ski/snowboard. I am slightly wrong on this…..

The rest of the story comes from my husband ….

He told me that he had no problem what so ever with going to Whistler. It only takes him 1.5 hr to reach Whistler. The weather is fine. The traffic is fine.

Just when he arrived in Whistler and he wears his snowboard boots, he had this really bad feeling that today nothing is going to be right. But off course he ignores it… just like I did.

The first clue came soon enough. When he tried to stand up for the first time with his snowboard on, he fell hard. He tried again, and he fell again. He couldn’t believe it, as if he is a beginner who tries this for the first time. Again… he ignores this clue. After couple tries, he finally able to stand up. Then he called me, I still remember how he sounds on the phone, he sounds shaken up a little bit. He told me that he arrived in Whistler safe and sound but for some reason he said, he couldn’t even stand up on his snowboard. I did not say much to him about it since I have no clue at all about snowboarding ( I am the total opposite from him in sport ). As long as he told me that his trip to Whistler is fine, I think that he will be fine. He also mentions that he felt he needs to come home even earlier than what he already planned.

We talked for few minutes only then he hung up. For some reason again, he felt strongly that he needs to change his cell phone’s speed dial from my name “Yohana” to “Home”. Then he felt strongly to move the small digital camera that he brought with him into his backpack instead of his jacket’s pocket. It’s safer in the backpack. Right after he change the speed dial on his cell phone, his friends showed up and he got distracted. He put his cell phone into his pocket, he felt that he needed to zip up the zipper on his pocket but he did not do it since his friends showed up. Right after that everything going to hell!

I am still confuse too about what happened, but I think he fell down really hard all the way down the hill right in front of his friends who had to chase him and rescue him. I can’t imagine how hard he fell or how far, but he showed me the result of the fall he took. His watch is broken; heck… even the tiny sticker at the back of his watch is stripped off. Then his water bottle disappeared into the cliff His very strong Gortex gloves are rips around the fingers area. His Gortex jacket too. Even his socks too! He banged his head too really hard!

After recovering from his fall, he found out that he lost his water bottle, his cell phone, and both the digital camera and his watch are broken beside the socks, gloves, and jacket.

Yet he still insists on snowboarding since he is already there and this is the only chance for him to meet and snowboarding with his friends.

More clue on what’s to come…

He took the wrong ski lift. He intended to ski on the easier level but he ended up on top of the mountain where even the cloud is below him! And there is no turning back. He knew it if he insist on snowboarding down the mountain, he will die. He took off his snowboard; carry it all the way down the mountain. He told me that the mountain is so steep that even by walking he has to walk zig zag. It took him more than 3 hrs to walk down the mountain!!

Then the first thing he did was calling me from a pay phone to tell me that that his cell phone is missing.

In the meantime while my husband has to face such an ordeal. I am at home with my son. 2 things happen.

One, the first thing that my son told me when he woke up was he wanted to go to church. He knew that today is Sunday and that means Church day. He knew that he hasn’t been to church for few weeks now and he really really wanted to go there today. I told him that I am sorry but I can’t possibly drive him to church since I am on doctor’s order to stay on bed rest. Then he said “Why don’t we use that Children Taxi’s service where the drivers are all mom who drives slowly to drop me off to church and then they can pick me up again? “…Well… few weeks ago when my doctor told me that I need to be on bed rest, I was toying with the idea of using the children taxi service to drive and pick up my son from school but for some reason they never call me back or even reply my fax and at the end, my husband has to drive him to school and pick him up again. So my son actually never rides in that Children Taxi, but that doesn’t deter him from going to church. Going to church is that important to him! I am so proud of him!

Second, one hour before my husband called for the second time. I felt that I need to talk to him to make sure he is ok because I still feel this bad premonition. I rang twice before a girl pick up the phone… It took me a while to understand what she said because I think she has Australian accents or something but I finally understand that she found my husband phone and she is going to leave it with the lost and found department at the guest’s services building at the bottom of the ski lifts. I thanked her for her kindness.

So when my husband called, because I am worried that the lost and found office might be close very soon, I told him to go there right away. I didn’t give him the chance to tell me how his day was.

The lost and found office turns out to be closed exactly 5 minutes before my husband showed up there.

He told me later that he really wanted to go home right after he called but all of a sudden there was these thick fogs hanging around Whistler, so he decided to wait until the fog get better. That was around 5.30 PM. He eventually left Whistler around 7.

He told me all the way home he almost had many… many… car accidents…

He arrived home after 10. It took more than 3 hrs for him to come home. Twice the time it took him to go to Whistler because of the road condition.

I was very surprise when I saw him. He looks so bad. His hair all mess up, his eyes red. And he looks so tired. Then he told me his story, show me his watch, camera, gloves, jacket, and socks….man….we both should have listen to our heart! Sometimes we just plain stupid… ignoring God’s warning that comes in plenty! We had no excuses for our actions. My husband told me also that right after his first fall, he never stop praying to God and he never stop thinking of us….I think that is why he still can come home to his family….

He told me that actually he felt guilty today for choosing to go to ski instead of church. In his heart he knows that he should have gone to church. He put God in second by choosing to go to Whistler. My son was listening to his father’s story too and to make sure not only both of us that learn a lesson here, I told my son like this “See… this is why we need to pray and read bible every day! We need God’s protection in our live all the time!”… Then my son said this loudly “I know! I told you I want to go to church today didn’t I?”…. Out from the mouth of a babe come the truth…..

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