Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dear Santa ... for us today. From morning till night time we have lots of things to do today. In the morning Richard has to drop off Kai Kai first to his Chinese school then go to pick up his clothes from the dry cleaner then off we go to have romantic breakfast while Kai Kai still at his class. I really loves to have a moment for ourselves where we sort of "dating" again. We tried a new restaurant today. Boy, they are so cheap! For only $ 9.50 we have 2 noodle soups, my husband's order is more Chinese style while mine is more western style. Then we can still have more order to go with it, I chose waffles and my husband chose 2 eggs ( sunny side-up ) and ham, plus bread. Then we can also order 2 drinks beside the regular hot tea. I ordered hot lemon tea. For some reason since I am pregnant my love to coffee has been replaced with lemon tea. My husband chose a Hong Kong style milk tea. Overall this place is a great place to go. The food is tasty, the choices are a lot, the portion is huge, the service is fast, and the price is unbelivably cheap! I couldn't even finish my order ! Then we went to Toys R us to buy KK's christmas gift but we couldn't find the exact one that he wants so we did not buy it that time.

From there Richard dropped me off at home and he went to pick up Kai Kai from school and go straight to Mount Cypress for another ski lesson. So while I napped at home, Kai Kai had a wonderfull time in the mountain learning how to ski. This time he knows how to turn and how to stop! After skiing, he was so hungry that he finished all the french fries that Richard bought for him there. Then he fell asleep all the way down the mountain.

They pick me up again to go to the mall for dinner and other thing. First we took KK to a hair salon because last week he got the "urge" to cut his own hair! Then after he had his haircut, I sent him to have his photo taken with Santa.

After that, I took him to Toys R us to choose the toy that he wants from Santa. He chose a monster truck that he can customize it himself.

At home, he start writing his letter to Santa, it says...

Dear Santa,
My name is Kai Kai and I am a good boy.
Would you send me a Ford 350 toy?
Thank you Santa

Kai Kai Wu

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