Thursday, December 15, 2005

School Christmas Party

After missing my son's first ski lesson I am definitely not going to miss this year school Christmas party! My son has been practicing singing at home with some Christmas songs in many different languages/cultures such as French, Spanish, Chinese, India and English. In the past 2 years he has never showed any interest in learning how to sing but this year he show that he is starting to be interested in learning how to sing. So I took a chance of going to his school ( I was suppose to be on bed rest ! )... and guess what he did this year? Exactly the same with his previous 2 years....clowning around and not singing....

1 comment:

eliza said...

woww..saya gak tau Richard sampe begitu parah kejadiannya di whistler. untungnya dia pulang dg selamat! serem banget ya baca ceritanya...tadinya kalo dia sampe gak bisa pulang, ikut nginep sama ex-coworker nya aja.

KK begitu toh, masih konyol2an di sekolah? kirain udah pinter nyanyi :D