Thursday, August 18, 2005

Going To A Blueberries Picking with Kai Kai's School Friends

This summer, I enroll Kai Kai for 3 classes in his Montessori school. Each classes is only for 10 days. The first class was all about Farm. It happen that Kai Kai's school neighbour is a farm house, so almost everyday, the teacher will take them to see one aspect about farm. For example, they took the kids to the corn field, there they learn to differentiate between "female" flowers and the "male" flowers. Next time, they saw the animals like donkeys, sheeps, cows, chickens, bunnies, dogs, horses etc. Then they learn how to make butter on their own by taking turn shaking a bottle of milk into butter that they will enjoy together with the bread that the teacher baked for them right in the school. On the last day, they went to pick raspberries from the farm and together they made raspberries jam that they can take home.

On the second class, it's all about nature. Again, it happen that the school is just next to a trail where they have so many blackberries bushes grow wild there. The teacher ( different teacher this time ) let them pick those wild blackberries and let them eat them right there. Some are sweet and some are so sour. They learn on how to pick the sweet one. They also took some tadpoles from the creek and see how they grow into small frogs. Kai Kai loves them very much. And today at the last day of the third class, they release those frogs back to the creek

Pic: Releasing the frogs back to the creek. Posted by Picasa

The reason why I enroll Kai Kai to those 2 classes is obvious. My son loves nature very much and he absolutely enjoy those 2 classes.

On the third class, it's all about Kids in Kitchen. They learn all about food, eating healthy, and preparing their own meal. On the first day, he learns how to cook Miso Soup and eat it with salad and bread together with his friends. Next time, he made pizza. Then he made jello too. He learn to cook so many dishes every day that when he came home, I don't even need to feed him anymore because he is already full from the food that he and his friends cook together or prepare together.

Pic: Miss Suzanne told the kids to only pick the bluest blueberries. Posted by Picasa

On the last day of his third class, we all went to an organic blueberry farm. The teacher already did some research on which farm is perfect for little children to wandering around on their own and on this particular farm. I think it's now a commercial, more like a family own private farm because they are much smaller and they are fenced so the kids will not get lost. Since this is privately owned, they really care about the quality, that's why they are organic. If that's is not fun enough, while those kids picked their blueberries, some chickens are walking around there too. So between picking the blueberries and chasing chickens those kids are in heaven! That place also have an organic vegetable garden. The kids learn about veggies and herbs a lot in there, but my son pretty much knows them all since I have herbs garden of my own here too. So when they were asked to identify the names of the herbs, my son can answer them all. He loves smelling the mint.

Pic: The kids has to smell then named the herbs. KK excell on this. Posted by Picasa

Pic: KK wants his friend to love the smell of mint like him. Posted by Picasa

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Pic: The kids wants to eat the blueberries right away. Posted by Picasa

At the end when it's time to pay, the grandmom who owned the farm pretty much gives us a big discout. It doesn't matter how much blueberries you pick in a basket that she lend to the kids and even the parents, it's all only cost a dollar for each basket. That was nice of her.... a basket of organic blueberries for a dollar.

Pic: I carried 2 basket of blueberries, my basket and KK's basket, and they cost 2 dollars only! Posted by Picasa


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eliza said...

Eh, kamu keliatan endut banget ya? kayak udah hamil 6 bln aje, entar kalo pas 6 bln udah mau brojol deh! hahahha....murah juga $1/basket. disini juga ada yg 50 cents/pounds. tapi rada jauh perginya.