Thursday, August 18, 2005

First Time To Go To A Crusade

First thing I have to tell you is that my mom is a big fan of Benny Hinn. She loves him so much that she kept telling us to go to one of his crusade if he happens to come by to Vancouver. And last week, he did show up here for a crusade. The last time he was here was 15 years ago.

I wasn't sure at first if Kai Kai can stand to be there for a long time and plus, he hates noisy and I know it's going to be very noisy there.

We arrived there exactly at 7 PM when they start. I guess we were way too late because all the seats at the floor and the balcony were full! We did get our seats but we sat at the very high balcony that we can't even see Benny Hinn at all if not without my camera's help.

I am not sure what I expected or what Richard expected but I do feel good to be able to praise God together with so many people. What's amazing was that, so many of the people are from outside Vancouver. Some of them are from other states and really a lot of them are from the US. In fact in the parking lot, the car on our left side has Oregon licence and the one on the right side is from Washington. And most of the people already waiting on their seats since 4 PM! No wonder we almost didn't get seats.

I love to see how many people are thoroughly enjoying their own spiritual moment. I love to see their faces when the sing, dance and pray to God. I enjoy doing that too, but I also spent some of my time watching their faces and off course took some pictures. It was hard to keep my camera stable so I can take a clear shot because I did not bring my tripod. So I use the handrail as the tripod.

After singing and praying, Benny Hinn called people who wants to accept Jesus to come forward. I was amaze at how many people who wanted to accept Jesus as their savior! It took a while just to wait until they can come forward because they are just too many of them, and I believe there are more that wanted to accept Jesus but just do not have the chance to go to the front of the stage, like the people around me because our location is just too high up there.

Pic: Over 20,000 people showed up that night. Posted by Picasa

I am also happy that my son able to enjoy his first experience of going to a crusade. He lift up his hands when others do that. He clap hands too, and he even said "Amen!" . So cute. Off course I came prepare with some snacks for him so in between "Amen", clapping his hands, and lift up his hands, he was busy snacking on some jellies and kit kat! When I asked him why is he so good that he can stand 4 hours there, his answer was " I want to see God's miracles , mama! "

Since my son was 4 yrs old, he already accept Jesus as his personal savior but on this occasion, when Benny Hinn asked people to repeat his prayer for accepting Jesus, Kai Kai also repeat those words as best as he can. I think that's just so sweet.

At the end, KK did see God's miracles. Many people who came with so many sickness were healed. He saw many people who came with wheelchairs were heal and they don't even need their wheechairs anymore. I paid attention to those people who came obviously sick, and who get healed. I saw a woman who has to be supported by her family to walk was healed and she dance on stage after that.

Pic: People who get healed leave their wheelchairs on the stage as their testimony. Posted by Picasa

Even though we did not come to get healed, we were very comforted knowing that God is there.

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