Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Becoming An Unofficial Honeymoon Photographer

This past Sunday I got an early surprise phone call from my bestfriend's sister. Her name is Lena and my bestfriend's name is Wike. According to Lena, she is here right now in Vancouver with her husband for their honeymoon. They just got married last month. Since Wike and me has been bestfriend since kindergarden, I know Lena since she was very small too. Wike has been my school mate from kindergarden, secondary, high school, even University back in Oklahoma and my housemate too! We start our school together back in kindergarden and we graduate from University at the same day! Talk about a long history together! It's hard to find a friend like her in the whole world and I love her very much. So I was very happy to be able to see her sister with her husband in here. I have never met her husband, Jiang Jiang.

We met that night for dinner together. Lena also brought her friend's brother, Robert who drove them around the city the whole day. It was a pleasant surprise that we like Jiang Jiang very much, both me and Richard. We even like Robert too. Richard and Jiang Jiang are the same age. Both 34 yrs old. The dinner was great, not only because we had great food but we laugh so much! I am especially glad that I can tell how happy Lena is with her life right now and how good a match is Jiang Jiang for her. I love a happy ever after kind of story, don't you? And as you can expected, I brought my camera with me to dinner .... never leave home without it, haha!

When they saw my camera, Lena told me that Wike wants to make sure that Lena will asked me to take her to a garden to have a photo shoots! This is because the last time Wike came here to see me, I took so many nice pictures of her and her husband, Henry. Now Wike wants Lena to have a beautiful honeymoon photo albums too. What they do not expect is to find me to be 13 weeks pregnant!!!

Since I am pregnant, I can only took them the next day to one garden. So after a lovely dim sum together for our brunch, I brought them to Queen Elizabeth Park. The reason is this park is the best to see in summer because the color of the flowers are just so consentrate so I don't have to walk to much to find many great photo spots. VanDusen Botanical Garden is also nice but I think they don't have enough colors in summer. VanDusen is great in Spring and Fall.

So we took shot after shot of photos from Lena alone or both of them together. Actually they have never seen my works before, they only do what Wike told them to do which is to trust me. With Wike, I took her pictures in VanDusen because she came here in spring time. And since at that time I wasn't pregnant, I took her so other places too. So for both sisters, they will have different photo locations.

The weather was nice that day but soon it becomes too hot to walk around. I found out that it was harder for me to walk around without running out of breath when I am pregnant like this! But I believe my hardworks paid off nicely. I got some nice photos of them for show and tell! They did not know the result yet since they are going to the Rockies Mountains tour, but later when they return to Vancouver, I will give them the results. I hope they are happy with them.

Congratulations again to Lena and Jiang Jiang..... we are truly happy for you guys!


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