Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sunday Walk at VanDusen

Since Trinity Baptist Church, our church, located near VanDusen Botanical Garden, right after service, we like to go there to have a brunch and then a little exercise by walking in the garden. Normally you have to pay $7 each time you go in, but we bought the family annual pass, so it's quite convenient, like having a gorgeous garden of our own.

Around May, beside the Rhododendron and the Azaleas, the other flowers that are blooming is Peonies. I think Peonies are amazing flowers since they are larger than roses but some of them looks like roses.

But while we were dazzled by beautiful flowers in so many colors. My son's love for weeds' flowers is never changed. All the while we were oohing and ahhing the peonies, he just drop on the grass and start picking the weed's flowers. I thought he just did it for himself but it turned out, those flowers are for me. As an early mother's day gift. What a sweet boy he is.....

I love the color of this Peonis, the red is so rich deep red. It's amazing. Posted by Hello

Look at the size of these Peonies ! I can wear them as a hat ! Posted by Hello

Taking a break in front of the waterfall. Posted by Hello

One example of Rhododendron. Posted by Hello

"Look at me! I am in a sea of flowers ! " Kai Kai said. Posted by Hello

The Rhododendrons and Azalea are starting to bloom in VanDusen. Posted by Hello

In VanDusen, beside the paved road, there are numerous secret paths like this one. While walking on the paved road is off course less muddy, but on this dry day, it is nice to feel as if you walk in a secret garden. Posted by Hello

It's funny that with all the splendor of beautiful flowers in this garden, my son's favorite flowers are still weeds' flowers. He pick the best one of the bunch, then keep them in his pocket. Posted by Hello

Playing together with the weed's flowers that my son collected. Posted by Hello

Isn't he so cute ? Posted by Hello

Even though mother's day is not coming yet, but Kai Kai gave me an early gift with those wild flowers that are on my thigh and a hug. Thank you! Posted by Hello


wasugi said...

asik banget neh kayanya jalan-jalannya... heheh

Irene said...

hai yohana!
gue orang Indonesia yg tinggal di Vancouver juga, aslinya dari Jakarta. Salam kenal ya =)

Yohana Wu said...

Thank you guys!

cindyfortune said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kai Kai's Mom! :-)