Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The best mother's day ever

In my son's school, every time there is a holiday, the teachers will explain it to the children and then they will do something with that theme. So for mother's day, they teach the children to make a gift and a card for their mom.

Even thought Mother's Day is on Sunday but my son didn't have the patient to wait to surprise me. So on Saturday night, when I was sitting on the sofa, he came to me with his gift all wrapped up in pink paper and a bow and scream " Surprise! Happy Mother's day ! ". I love watching my son's face when he is all excited and happy to be able to give me a surprise.I know he loves me so much and he always demonstrate it so openly everyday. We raised him that way by always telling him how much we love him every single day since he was born. So in turn, he always say I love you to people that he likes.

So to show how much he loves me as his mom, from that Saturday night until the next 24 hours, he showers me with his gifts! The gifts just keep on coming. The whole time he was busy at his "creativity desk" creating new drawing full of colors, glitters, color glues for me. So far I think I received 2 mother's day card, 3 framed drawing, 10 drawings. And don't forget, last week, he already gave me his weed's flowers as an early mother's day gift.

It's so sweet to be so appreciated and loved by your child. Makes me think, have we done something like this to our moms too???? And how long can I keep my son's loves for me the same even through his teenage years ??? I wish I can freeze this moment forever, but since I can't, well... at least I have the snap shots.... hurray for digital camera again !!!

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