Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's Do More Good Work!

Since I join Gereja Mawar Sharon, I keep on learning a lot all about who God is, what is His plan for my life, and so much more. I realize this is going to be a long journey of learning, but that is what makes this is great because that would mean my life will never stay the same and boring and stale because my God is a creative God. He created the whole universe, didn't he?

Another thing that I learn is that doing good work is really good for my soul. Or anybody souls in that matter. Why is it feel so good? It's because you do something that God wants you to do to begin with. Or in other word, you were created for this. So no wonder it feels so good.

We also makes sure that all the glory should be for the Lord

Today agenda started because my good friend Fadjar met her old friend. Both their children had leukimia but now they are both cancer free. This lady invited Fadjar to come and visit the children cancer section in the General hospital.

Pic: Fadjar standing with the doctor.

Our church, Mawar Sharon, recently just launched a Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih, it's a non-profit organization, or a foundation that is separate financially from the church's body and is dedicated solely to help people in need all around Indonesia.

So Fadjar contacted the head of the Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih if they can help her bring some little gifts to the hospital. It turned out to be the Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih helped her even more. Not only they help to give gifts for the children and the parents too, then send 38 people to minister to the children and their parents, also to entertained them too with a puppet show , singing, and a balloon show.

Fadjar not only help initiate this event but she also help providing the nice towels with the embroidery for the children. She told me her testimony how God helped introducing her to a towel maker who sold her those towel with really low price. God also introduced her to a person who has a printing company and this person donated all the free coloring books. As long as you keep at it, and not giving up, and you have the right heart to please God, He will help you. Just like He has helped Fadjar too.

It was a happy day to go to the General Hospital. First we got together in the church to received briefing from the leader of the Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih, brother Liang. He gave us the basic on what we should do and what we can not do in the hospital. He also divided us into several teams so that each of us can minister to the children efficiently. Then we leaved to the hospital in our separate cars to meet again in the hospital.

When we arrived in the general hospital, we directly follow our team leader. Like usual, I got the job as the photographer. I am not sure how I should get myself prepare for this job though because this is totally new to me.

This is also something that I only recently learned. When I let God to lead me, I ended up having fun while working for Him. Now I understand what it means when God said:

"For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."
Matthew 11:30

He never meant for us to carry everything by ourselves ... and actually most of the time we make ourselves carry burden that is not ours to bear anyway.

I am learning something new everyday in my journey with God. Why? First because that's what He wants for me to do. Second, I asked Him to mold me and teach me His way everyday. Just ask, and He will give. Pay attention that I am not asking for riches here.

So now that we arrived. The men in our group start to carry the gifts for the children and their parents. Look at the photo below, they are all smiling and happy and excited to bear those burden. Another proof that when we are doing God's will, we will be happy. Inside His plan, we will be happy and content.

Actually I am not in entertainment team, but since my own team is not ready yet so I start taking pictures of my friend who was busy performing puppet show for the children. Look at the children reaction, they are so happy!

But off course there are some children that are too sick to be excited with my friend's performance. We can only pray in our heart for their recovery.

Then after a short while I have to go to the children rooms with my team. While my friend conversed with the children parents and the children themselves. I walked around to shot some photos. Too be honest I am not comfortable to take their close up. I brought 2 lenses, one is for long distance and the other has the zoom fixed, but it's great for indoor. I don't need to use flashlight because the aperture is only 1.8. Great for time like this. But I don't want just to be a photographer. Because we are forbidden by our leader to pray for them openly unless they request us to pray for them. We can only pray in our heart. All the while we were hopping that one of these family will ask us to pray for the child.

Again like I said, as long as our heart is willing, God will open the ways. One of my friend just said to me less than 2 minutes that he really really wish that one of these family will ask him to pray for their child, when we entered the next room suddenly the mother of this baby asked my friend if he did not mind to pray for that baby. Both me and my friend were surprise that God can "open the ways" so quickly, but we gladly pray for the baby. I joined the prayer right after I shot the photo below.

For every parent who have asked us to pray for their children, we thanked them so much because we know that in this General Hospital, most of the people have a different religion than ours. They have no idea how happy they have made us when they asked us to pray for them.

So that's why, if God suddenly give you a chance to do something good. Take it! So, come on, lets do more good work in where ever you are !

There are always people who need your help, remember that !!!

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