Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrating Last Year Christmas With New Friends

I should have write this entry last Christmas but I have been so busy lately so I neglected to write this story.

Richard, me and our church friends went to Bakti Luhur, at Wisma Tropodo blok N-22 in Surabaya before Christmas. Actually, that day event was just one tiny part of the big Christmas activity that our church had for everybody ( member and non-member ) who have the heart to spread His love to other people. Practice what we've learned so to speak.

Action always speaks louder than words, am I right? So now it's the perfect time for all of us to show our love for other people.

It is always easier to just donate some money and then we feel that we have done the world a huge favor.

Well, what the church has proposed for all of us is a challenge that not only we should be grateful that we CAN donate ( money, clothing, food, toiletries, books, toys, etc ) but we should do more than just gave material thing. We should sacrifice our times, our energy, our talent, our heart, for others who can NOT give anything in return.

Everybody are welcome to join in. Love is always universal language. And love is always welcomed.

People start to sign up for these events. They can choose which events or activities they want to join in, what day, what time also. Believe it or not, some events have to be closed early due to overwhelming amount of people who wanted to join that events. Orphanages are always the big hit with people.

I do not remember anymore how many orphanages are open for us to visit. They are just too many. And that had not include other important places too such as nursing homes, homeless, jails, hospitals, etc.

I chose to go to Bakti Luhur with my cell group friends. Bakti Luhur is a place for orphans, elderly, and people that need special care.

When we arrived in Bakti Luhur, we were assign different areas. Mine happens to be the children and some adults area. I am confuse too why there are some adults mixed with the orphans.Like always, I am the photographer of the night.

The MC who entertained the children was my very very good friend Lely. She was awesome! She entertained those children and adults and the nurses too singlehandedly. I guess because really not many people can be so charmingly sing and dance like her. Most of us will be like me, absolutely clumsy in front of so many audience.

After a period of dancing, joking, and singing, we entered praying time and we also read bible too. Again all done by Mrs. Lely Sarwono, hahaha. Who dares to stand next to her and try to be like here, she is just too good!

But when it's time to pray for these children and the adults too, all of us from the cell group go down and find a person who will want us to pray for them. It turn out everybody need a prayer. Well, who doesn't right?

So we prayed for them, bless them, hugged them, and just love them.

Then we distributed the food , drinks and the toys too. And then we hand fed them one by one.

This event started 2 years ago with a smashing success. The people who went 2 years ago begged the church to do it again this last Christmas. Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih was founded on 2008 Christmas time because of the overwhelming request from the church members who are so thirsty to spread the love of Jesus Christ to other people. So if you are interested, you are more than welcome to join us for Christmas 2009 !

Pic: Isn't she beautiful?

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