Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let's See Him Swim

Being a student in SIS in a way means, you will forever be tan, because the school has an Olympic size swimming pool that is open not only for the students but also for us, parents. The school also believe that there should be a balance between mental exercise and physical exercise. So every week, my son has 1 gym time and 1 swimming time. But then my husband also enroll him for the twice a week intensive swimming club in the school. So you can imagine how tan KK's skin right now. Putting a sunblock only prevent him from getting a sunburn but do not prevent him from getting a good tan from all those outdoor activities.

The good thing is, now KK can join us in the deep water when we went to our health club. Now that we move to Indonesia, we want to be healthier by joining a health club from a nearby hotel. It's only 5 minutes from where we live by car. Or maybe less.

Since we had a long holiday ( 10 days! ) because Indonesian are celebrating their "Hari Raya", the biggest Moslem holiday here equivalent with Chinese New Year or Christmas. We have tons of time to play with KK ( finally! ). So we took him to our health club for a swim. This is the second time only for me and KKcan swim together, but it's not the same with Richard, he took KK there to have a quality time together as father and son more often than me. The reason is because by afternoon when Richard wants to unwind from working in our company, it's already time for me to prepare dinner for our family. Unless I know for sure that there will be food for my family to eat ( Richard is still not accustomed to Indonesian food ), then I can go to swim with them.

So I was quite surprise to see that after many swimming classes in the school plus swimming time with Richard, now KK can independently swim on his own in the deep water without being scared.

He shows me that he can jump into the water with many styles ... the proof is in this video clip :

I am glad that we find him the right school that can keep up with his energy. He always fell asleep on the way home from school or on the way to his Chinese class. But once he arrives at home, he will continue his execise by riding his bike all over the house. That's why his body is so strong. So far, he is the healthiest in this house. He never even catch a cold.

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