Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have A Great 10th Month Birthday Sweetheart!

I am still amaze to realize that now my daughter is already 10 months old! She has grown a lot, she is somewhere around 10kg now, with some baby fat at all the right spots! I just couldn't get enough to kiss her round tummy and her round thighs!

She is so lovely!

She likes everybody and everybody loves her back. But she still reserved her exuberant laughter just for dear old me. For me, I can make her laugh at any time I want. She also loves her daddy very much, every time she saw Richard, she will throw her body to his direction and she will squeel happily calling him "PAPA!!!" So cute...

La La started to call me "mama" since she was 6 months old, and she called Richard "papa" when she was 8 months old. Then since she was 9 she started trying to talk to people in her baby language off course. She even try to sing, when she heard her favorite songs such as "Hickory Dickory Dock", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and few more, she start to sing together with the songs in her own language and all the while she will sway her body to the music.!

She loves music very much. She even recognize when I tapped my hand to my thighs or to the sofa to a certain beat, she will start to dance, even though I did not sing and there is no background music. It just a beat. I don't know how she can know the different between random tapping and beat tapping. If I just tapped or clapped randomly without any beat, then she did not dance.

Because she start to get interested more and more to her surrounding. I start teaching her the name of things. I found that she loves to be taught and she can concentrate better and for a longer time than my son. Maybe it's true that girl mature faster? When I start teaching her, she will stop playing and stare at every thing I touch or point at. She also stared at my mouth and try to immitate my mouth when I say the name of the thing that I point or touch. So when I say "fan" , she said " pan". Pretty close I guess...

Within 3 days, when I ask her " Where is ...... ? ", she will touch or look or point at that thing. The example of the objects that she now knows: fan, sofa, pillow, body pillow, zipper, wind chime, christmas tree, table, bed, chair, blanket, teddy bear, book, clock, light, telephone, TV, and few more ...

I wish I did this exercise earlier with KK. I did it but he was 1.5 years old then, not 10 months old because he start talking a bit late so I did not think to teach him words yet.

About sleeping, she still sleep from 7 PM till 5 AM nonstop. Then she will take a nap around 9 and wake up in about an hour, but she can nap for 3 hours too sometimes. She take another nap around 2 till 3 or 4. So she is a pretty good sleeper too.

About eating. Again, it's my fault, I did not dare to cook baby food before when KK was just a baby. I keep buying Gerber baby food. But now I enjoy very much cooking La La's food. Maybe someday I will write an entree on baby food recipes that I have created or tried from a book.
I found that I can make the same food that both kids can enjoy. I gave KK the original texture, and I gave LL the puree one.

I am also glad that LL is such a loving baby. She loves to hug her grandparents and kiss them too. I can ask her to give her teddy bear a kiss. Many times when we play together, she will hug and kiss me...soo...sooo...sweet!

Pic: Bath time is always fun for her

Pic: Now she can start going around the house with this baby walker

Pic: Yep, this is how she likes to react when she saw me taking her picture

Pic: She is not scared with water spray

Pic: Always giggling and squeeling at bath time.

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