Thursday, September 22, 2005


When my son was 4, I enrolled him in one of the classes that being offered in his school. For 10 days he will learn all about popular children stories such as snow white, 3 little pigs, etc.

Beside listening to the stories, they will also do the stories and makes some crafts related to them. Everybody has fun in this class even the teacher, well, until my son start trying to find the hole in her story that is.

I heard about this not from my son's teacher herself but from her assistant.

The story went like this. The teacher was telling the story about the 3 little pigs to the children and they all listened. At the end of the story, she summarized her story by telling the children the merrit about building a house with brick instead of straws and sticks ( woods ). While other children readily agreed with her, my son lift his hand ( a bad sign! ) and said " Well... it's true that a house made from brick is stronger, but the wolf can still blow it up because isn't that the door made from wood ??? "

From what I heard from the assistant, the teacher couldn't contradict my son logic.... poor teacher.....

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